Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along


There's been some knitting and reading going on the past few days!

I am knitting matching hats for the girls for St. Nicholas' Feast Day. V's hat is finished (and I forgot to get it out for the picture) and Ree's hat is almost finished. I just need to do the decreases and it'll be done!

I also began my last pair of Christmas socks. I have hope that they will be finished in time for Christmas.

Over the weekend I began Stoner. So far it is very good! I am not too far into it though to offer a full review. 

I am also thinking about some sort of reading plan for the New Year. My husband and I were talking the other day about all the classics that I am sure are wonderful, but due to the force reading of them in high school I have bad memories of. I am thinking of picking twelve for 2015 and reading one each month. I may go through this list and possibly this one too in order to pick which ones I want to read. I have a feeling it will be hard to narrow the list down to just twelve! 


  1. I like reading the classics but only in bits. I'll be checking out your lists after I comment. Love the hat and yay for the last pair of christmas socks! Whoever receives them are quite lucky :)

  2. Knit hats will make wonderful gifts for St. Nicholas Day.
    My sister just mentioned that she will be reading a list of classics starting in 2015 too. I have been homeschooling for over 15 years and have had a chance to reread a lot of the books I read in high school, some I am glad I did and others I still didn't enjoy. Have fun.

  3. Lovely knits. What a great idea to read some classics next year, can't wait to see what books you pick. You will share the list, right?

  4. Hats are such great gifts for kids. I feel the same way about the classics. I'm sure alot of them are great but I really didn't appreciate them when I was in school. It would be a good idea to give them another try.

  5. lovely knits....and such a good idea about the classics. so often i think when i pick one up...oh, what a drag, and before long i'm totally snookered in. guess that's why they are 'classic'!!


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