Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These days

IMG_2640 IMG_2647 IMG_2661 IMG_2662

The days have been flying by in a blur! 

Holy Week was spent with Momma recovering from her cold and Ree in the throes of hers. We didn't do nearly our usual Holy Week activities. But there is always next year!

Easter weekend was beautiful. I kept it simple this year for the most part. Simple is nice. And no anxiety. We had Easter dinner here and it was a wonderful day with our family.

Easter Monday dawned beautiful. The girls and I spent the majority of the day outside soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.

It's been quiet on this little blog lately. Not for lack of things to post, but rather for lack of time it seems! Baby is teething hence not sleeping. That makes momma a little punch drunk at times. But the early morning wake up calls have been great for my creativity. 

Do you remember that poetry project I mentioned a few months ago? I am in the process of writing it up as a little bit of an e-course type thing. I have no idea if there will be interest in it but the idea of it has only gotten stronger instead of less, so I am rolling with it. And the writing is pouring onto the paper. So we'll see where that will lead! And that is where a lot of my "free" time has gone. More like a stolen moment here and there!

Things are going well here in our little world. The spring time is a beautiful time. Or as Ree keeps saying every time we step outside, or every time she notices a flower or every time she sees the buds on the trees "the world is so MAGICAL right now! I can't stop breathing it in." I have no idea where she gets these sayings but I love them!

What has been happening in your world? And I promise to try and be more faithful at stopping by everyone's own blogs!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Morning, noon and night...three little peeks into my day yesterday. Linking up with Kim at Mothering with Mindfulness

Easter Monday. I love that Easter is a season! A slow morning of a dozing baby, still sleeping Marie-Therese, second cup of coffee, and diving into "The Goldfinch" #hellomorningcoffee 
Morning:: 8:30

"The world is so beautiful today mommy. I just can't stop looking at it!" 
Noon:: 1pm

Tulips in the sunshine #followthelight
Night:: 5:45pm (full disclosure....this was taken Saturday evening. But I love it so wanted to share. Plus I forgot to take a picture last night!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Along

A finished sock; Holy Week reading & National Poetry Month Reading #yarnalong

I finished a sock this past weekend!!! It is so bright and cheery. I love it! I have only partially cast on the second sock though.

As for reading I'm reading the Passion in the Gospel of John for Holy Week. I also started reading The Poetry Home Repair Manual last night & it is really good so far. My grand plans to do a big poetry study for April has pretty much gone by the wayside. Getting a cold at the beginning of the month meant I didn't do much of anything, much less anything with poetry.

So for now I have been reading a little bit here and there. I actually have journaled a few poems following along with the Write ALM prompts. I was feeling bad about not following through with the plans I had until I realized poetry doesn't have to just be in April! 

Hopefully next week I will be able to share more progress on that second sock!

Sunday, April 13, 2014



This weekend has been beautiful!

I woke up Saturday for the first time in over a week and a half with some energy. A spring time cold sapped everything I had for a long time. It's amazing how free you feel once you are able to breath through your nose again.

I opened the windows for fresh air (which then let in all the allergens) did loads of laundry, and began my spring cleaning. 
There was time for long conversations with the husband
running errands alone with the car windows down
the first iced coffee of the year
finishing up that sock
some reading
getting outside for a bit
the first meal on the grill
a feeling of lightness

and now that I am feeling better hopefully I will be back to my poor neglected blog regularly!

Linking up with Amanda!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Books for March 8::52

IMG_2508 IMG_2511

At the beginning of the year I found Laura's blog and her "Year in Books" series. She set a challenge to read at least one book a month for 2014. Even though I haven't blogged it, I have managed at least one book for the three months.

In March I far surpassed that goal. It is so easy to pick up a book when a baby falls asleep on you!
My book list for March:

Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
Slow Motion by Dani Shapiro
My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell
The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler
Shirt of Flame by Heather King

They all were good. Life after Life was different. But I couldn't put it down. I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Slow Motion was a little slow for me at times. I enjoyed her "Still Writing" that I read in February a lot more. The Bookstore was good as well. Again I couldn't really put it down. Although I wanted to smack the main character more then once. The guy was a Jerk. After the third time of him saying he was leaving her because she was too "boring" she finally got it. Although by that time she was already 8 months pregnant.

My Sisters the Saints & Shirt of Flame are both great. I've been using them as part of my morning prayer. I'm not quite finished with Shirt of Flame. It's about my favorite saint, Saint Therese so I am soaking up her words again. I haven't visited with her in awhile. I was long over due!

Tuesday I will be back here with my April choices. Lots of poetry!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kitchen Sink

The view outside my sorta kitchen sink window. My sink is in the corner of the counter looking at the backsplash!

Most days I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink. Before leaving the house I always make sure the morning dishes are clean. Depending on what I bake or cook throughout the day, there are more dishes to be done in the afternoon. And then of course those after supper dishes.

I have a dish washer. I have only ever used it twice. The act of doing dishes--running the water to hot, filling the sink with hot water & soap suds, the act of taking the dirty dishes, scrubbing them clean and placing them to dry--I find very soothing. Many time as I go through the familiar motions my mind wanders. I think of my to-do list. Or what to cook next. Or the worries I have. I find I often pray while I am doing the dishes. And then there are other times I don't think of much at all. 

I find the act of washing dishes to be a symbol of the service I do for my family. Because there are dirty dishes--I have cooked food for them. They have eaten that food. I am now washing the plates & silverware & glasses & pan that held the food I prepared to nourish those I love. Thanks to the dirty dishes they have full bellies. Doing the dishes reminds me that I am taking care of my family in the most fundamental way--by providing food.  

And when they are all clean, piled sparkling on the dish dryer, more times then not I get a feeling of deep satisfaction. Another meal has been prepared, cooked, consumed and cleaned up.

Weaving words with the Write ALM prompts for March.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yarn Along

Waves of prayer

Wow it's already Wednesday!! Life has been a whirlwind lately. The days go swooshing by. I had a weekending post all ready to go. It just needed to get from my head to the blog. But that didn't happen! And now, to be honest, I can't really remember much of what happened over the weekend!

I do know that I spent time with this prayer shawl. I got a text early Saturday (or late Friday?) from my mom. She said the prayer shawl ministry at her church was out of shawls. I just happened to have this sitting in the bottom of one of my baskets. I began it in December of 2012! So I picked it back up, worked feverishly much of Saturday and almost all of Sunday to finish it up late in the afternoon. (So I suppose that is pretty much what happened here over the weekend!)

Monday morning I dropped it off at my moms all ready to be gifted when someone is in need of the comfort of a warm prayer shawl.

I know how much these mean. This past November, V was gifted with one while she was in the NICU. That blanket never left her the whole time she was there. It was very comforting to me to know that someone had knit it for a little one, and my baby was covered with prayers. I hope this brings comfort to the unknown person who will receive it.

Aside from this, and a pair of socks that I began last week (that haven't gotten very far) I haven't been knitting too much. My "me time" has been dedicated to reading and writing. Right now I am in the middle of reading "Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lisieux". I am enjoying it so far. This is one of, I think six, books that I have read so far in March. Stay tuned for the full list on Friday!

What is on your needles & what are you reading these days?