Monday, July 28, 2014

Here and Now


a slow summer afternoon is in progress
the clouds break occasionally to allow the sun to peak down,
to heat the earth in her summers oven
the breeze softly blows in a cooling attempt
but the humid steam is too much
I sit on the porch with my iced coffee
dreams of my reading and knitting on my mind
instead I sit with closed eyes
drinking in this moment
of calm, of quiet
thankful for this time
this right now time
this time of life
with little ones so full of wonder and awe
reminding me to be present
for this time, this moment, this day
are fleeting
and we will never have this particular
here and now

Sunday, July 27, 2014



So far the weekend has been a mix of relaxation & busyness. I feel like we lived a whole weekend on Saturday alone!

There was a slow early morning of finishing my book & beginning a new knitting project
then the rest of the morning was spent cleaning & organizing
I cleaned out & organized my fabric & yarn stashes
I pulled everything out of the downstairs closet & put things in their proper places
I organized our art supplies & put them in the closet
Daddy came home so he & Ree took the organizing outside
weeding a little bit
sprucing up the gardens with pinwheels
cutting up some wood they found

late in the afternoon we went blueberry picking
home for grilled hamburgers
Ree & I went out to buy one of her Auntie's a birthday present
home for baths and bed!

today has been slow so far
early morning coffee, reading & knitting
but soon there will be Church
and coffee out
running a few errands to pick up the rest of the birthday things
then celebrating the birthday of course!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Post cards from camp

 Thanks to @pumpkinsunrise's inspiration I joined in (very) last minute to the #summersoulcamp and am very happy I did! This is very much needed as a summer pick me up. I need the reminder to slow down and savor the beauty in the small moments around me! My "camp." Our breezeway is a beautiful space that is usually the dumping ground for stuff. My goal has been to actually use it to sit in. I cleaned up a bit and now have a spot. I envision a fabric banner hanging with the flowers and maybe some twinkle l IMG_1573 {postcards from camp Day 4}enjoying the morning sun when it is still relatively cool! #summersoulcamp A tea party & some post card art for the #Arttogether post card swap all in our #summersoulcamp space!

Heather's Summer Soul Camp began on Monday and after checking out the hashtag on Instagram I decided to sign up. It is very refreshing! A great pick me up to these hot, humid days of summer. I set up a spot in our breezeway for all the camp activities and we really haven't left it since!

We have been having tea parties, doing art, reading, journaling, writing....anything you can think of really in this spot right in the middle of a cross breeze. Just the thing to help beat the heat!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Make and Listen Along

IMG_1592 IMG_1594

Ree's big girl quilt is coming right along. Not fast enough for her, but I am happy with the progress! All I need to do now is sew the rows together and the front will be finished. I have the backing (an old sheet) so once this part is done I'll put it together and it'll be ready for quilting! Of which I am still trying to decide what to do.

Almost all the fabrics came from the stash and she picked them all out by herself. We did go to the store so she could get a few new to her fabrics. This quilt has been in the works for over a year (and in my head since we moved her to a crib years ago!) I am thinking that once this one is finished, I should start planning for baby's quilt....before I know it she'll be in her own big girl bed!

Listening has been a lot of birds, a lot of fans, and the hmm of the upstairs air conditioner. It got hot again this week!

What is going on in your making & listening world this week?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Along


After not having knit for a few months, I am jumping in with both feet! Even ordering some new yarn! 

This week I am working on a wash cloth. I joined Sweet Potato Claire's Summer craft swap and I think this wash cloth will fit in perfect with the few other goodies I have planned for my swap partner. 

After seeing the yarn that Erin posted for last week's Yarn Along I had to go see if our craft store carried it and they do! I love it! I am also using a pattern that Erin sent along. So today's yarn along post is brought to you by her! 

For reading, I am slowly working my way through The Little Oratory. I read a chapter (or less depending on how much I want to ponder over it) each morning during my quiet time. I am loving it and have been adding pieces of their ideas into our family faith life.

Next week I am hoping to have begun a pair of socks to show you all! I want to start them but need to finish the wash cloth first!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This week

Thanks to @pumpkinsunrise's inspiration I joined in (very) last minute to the #summersoulcamp and am very happy I did! This is very much needed as a summer pick me up. I need the reminder to slow down and savor the beauty in the small moments around me!

Outside my window sunny with a warm breeze. They say the humidity is coming back

I am thankful for the sun. Those days last week with gray skies wore me down. I like a nice gray, rainy day. But not for almost a week!

In the kitchen my kitchen has been neglected of late. It is too hot to turn the oven on. So I have been grilling or having cold food. I need to sit and spend some time coming up with new summer meal ideas!

I am wearing shorts & a pink tee shirt. I used to love to wear skirts in the summer. All my skirts got too small after my first baby. I want to look up some easy skirt patterns and make a few!

I am creating a big girl quilt. The front is almost done. This makes my big girl very happy! I also have plans for some Christmas sock knitting and some goodies for my craft blogger swap. I need to get moving on some of these things!

I am reading The Little Oratory in the morning during my quiet time. I have 3 books waiting for me at the library. A library trip today sounds good!

I am hoping To have the front of the quilt finished in the next day or two and have it all put together by the weekend. I weekend spent quilting would be nice!

Around the house I am slowly organizing all our craft/sewing/art supplies. With a baby that is oh so close to crawling I am in baby proofing mode. I am also trying to make the baby room the baby room rather then my craft supply room. This means trying to figure out where to put a rooms worth of stuff!

One of my favorite things when my baby snuggles up to me when we rock. She doesn't do it often but the snuggles as she drifts off to sleep make my heart sing

A few plans for the rest of the week some summer adventures planned; sewing; relaxing; library trip; farmers market

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Morning prayers, coffee and thunderstorms. If this headache would go away this would be a perfect morning! #hellomorningcoffee

Oh this weekend has been full of cranky. Momma's mostly. For no good reason either, just a mood that I can't shake. And a headache. Which could explain part of the mood!

There has been some sewing
some knitting
some reading
a whole bunch of lounging around

There has also been some weeding
some time at the beach
some time spent on the back deck

So it hasn't been ALL bad. 
Ree & her daddy are off running a few errands 
baby is sleeping (finally)
maybe I'll go knit a little
or work some more on the big girl quilt

I hope everyone else has been having a good weekend!

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