Monday, August 10, 2015


Morning light ✨☀️💛 I hope everyone has a refreshing weekend!! Different in this moment: the afternoon light is a little lower a little earlier each afternoon. Letting go of expectations of what should be done this afternoon....instead listening to my heart and sitting outside in the sun knitting while my people playI'm alive. I exist. I am. Like the flame of the fire, I burn brightly. In the darkness is light, burning away all that is no longer needed. I feel the flames, the warmth, the comfort of the heat. And from the ashes I rise again. To burn bigger, to burn br

This weekend was what we needed. 

I was awoken Saturday morning by the sun streaming into the bedroom. It was a gentle wake up with coffee, journaling & prayer.

We dropped my car off for a new tire & balancing and aligning and all that (last weekend on our way to my sister-in-laws we got a flat tire. Ran over a big piece of metal that tore through it.)

Saturday afternoon was spent knitting, watching cooking show's & relaxing in the sunshine while my husband cleaned up the yard (last Tuesday morning a huge freak storm rolled through the area and smacked our city. Trees on cars & in houses; a few houses a few neighborhoods away from ours were knocked off their foundations. Thankfully we just had a lot of big branches down with no damage. over 75% of the city was without power for over a day. We were lucky & were only without ours for 15 hours. The majority of that time while we were "camping"). 

Sunday was Mass & a quick run to the grocery store & more knitting in the sunshine & cooking steaks on the grill & enjoying a fire in the new fire pit (our first!)

As I was typing this weekending post up I realized I haven't updated here in over a week! Aside from the tire & the storm we were gone much of last week camping. Which means we left here to spend the day at my parents campsite with them & my sisters about a half hour away. At the end of the day we came home to our bed & shower! The end of the week was spent catching up on laundry & cleaning & grocery shopping.

Playing along with Karen for weekending!


  1. I love to camp, but I am the only one besides one son in my family that does.
    Glad you only had a flat tire and nothing else when you ran over that big piece of metal, but it's no fun having to buy a tire.
    PS- Have you tried bible journaling? I was finally able to get a journaling bible last week and am having the best time, I love how God works.

  2. Hmmm..we did the same thing to our tire on Friday. It was kinda scary. Sorry about the storm, never fun. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. Hope August brings lots of fun and adventure for you :)

  3. bummer about that tire and the cost to redo all of them! But now you are more than ready for winter driving :) Lovely photos of your weekend Jen !!


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