Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Wonderland

We had our first snow storm of the winter on Saturday. Saturday night we went out to play and build a snowman. Yesterday it was gorgeous with the bright sun shinning on the pretty snow. Ree is ever so happy that there is snow. I think we have a little snow bunny...she's already talking about going skiing and ice skating!




Today is the last day of 2012. It's been a pretty sad last month. Here's hoping that 2013 brings much happiness & joy. 

A huge lesson that has been learned this past year is to cherish every single moment. Good & bad. For we don't know when we wake up in the morning when our lives will be tipped upside down and forever changed.

Sunday, December 30, 2012



This weekend has been very sad.

Another precious baby was taken to heaven before he had a chance to live.

The Mommy & Daddy are devastated. And so are we. 

My husband has been going back & forth between them and here.

We got 6 inches of snow late yesterday into the night.

When he got home Ree wanted to go outside. She wanted a snowman.

So her daddy built her a big, 7ft tall one.

Today is shoveling out. Going to Mass. Possibly go visiting at the hospital. 

My sister is coming here to play in the snow with Ree. 

We'll go to my sister-in-laws later if the roads up that way are okay.

The last weekend of 2012 hasn't been how we had planned it. The beginning of 2013 will be so sad with saying goodbye to a sweet baby boy.

But we have Ree. We have family all around. We have so many things to be grateful for. Especially the newest little baby angel in heaven.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

This Moment: Christmas!

Christmas reading

Present diving

Our Christmas was full of family & fun! Ree had a blast! Talk about tons of fun with little one's around! Like we have every year since she was a newborn we slept over my parents house. It's always lots of fun to wake up there and open presents!

When Ree wasn't opening a present she was under the tree. I guess she thought all the best presents were tucked in the back, not front & center!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and is enjoying the after Christmas peace that has descended! (At least it has at our house!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Weekending...Christmas Style!

Christmas Tree

This weekend was a flurry of Christmas celebrating and preparing!

Saturday I finished all my wrapping. Worked a little bit more on the crochet afghan. That I decided would be wrapped almost finished. Only 3 more repeats of the border left!

Saturday evening we celebrated Christmas early with my sister & her family. What a blast! Christmas is always fun but when little one's are around it's even more wonderful!

Yesterday was finishing up the Christmas baking. Celebrating Christmas here with (more) pizza and more loved ones. Ree has been so spoiled already and it's only Christmas Eve! 

I am so happy that all my Christmas preparations are pretty much finished today. I can enjoy Christmas Eve day in a peaceful way without the rushing of wrapping or cooking. 

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with loved ones!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yarn Along

Sandy Hook Prayer Shawl

Ever since December began my knitting and reading have been virtually non-existent. Too much other stuff to do to get ready for Christmas! I have 101 projects I want to do. All of which I've known I've wanted to do since at least this summer. All the sudden Christmas is less then a week away! 

But this past weekend my fingers were itchy. Not just for a knitting project but to DO something. To help somehow. We went to my mom's for a bit Sunday evening and we got talking about a website I came across, The Prayer Shawl Ministry, and how they are collecting prayer shawls for the survivors of Newtown. My mom has been a member of her Church's prayer shawl ministry for quite a few years now. She mentioned how she has a stash of prayer shawl yarn in her closet. When I asked if I could take some of it off her hands she said of course!

So Sunday night I cast on for the Sandy Hook Prayer Shawl. I'm not sure when it will be completed but as I am sure they will be needing prayers for a long, long time I don't think it matters how soon it gets to them. It will be filled with stitches that have my heartfelt prayers in them.

Reading has been even more scarce then reading around here for quite awhile. I picked up Anne Lamott's new book, Help Thanks Wow, last week at the library. I've only read the first few pages so far but I'm enjoying it. A book that needs to be meditated on as you go along.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookie making


Finished cookies!

Last week, before the horribly sad events of Friday took place, Ree & I went to my mom's to make Christmas cookies. Every year she makes about a 100 dozen cookies to gift. This year Ree was thrilled to be able to help roll the dough and decorate them. All By Herself. (The decorating that is).

She took her job very seriously and they turned out beautiful!

And then Friday happened and I kind of forgot about these pictures. My husband & I have been talking and praying all weekend and we keep coming back to we don't want Ree to grow up in fear. Everywhere we've gone since Friday morning we've been on constant alert. Our nerves have been on edge watching everyone, seeing possible threats in every person we see. 

But I don't want that for Ree. I want her to be the carefree, happy little girl that she is. And as her Momma I can make that happen. I can show her that the world really is full of wonder and awe. That (I believe) there are more good people then bad. That in order for our world to have peace and love we need to be that instrument. 

I read (one of many, many) articles over the past few days where a woman from Newtown was quoted as asking "What is the rest of the world doing? Are they going about their normal days like nothing has happened?" I can say for my family that no, we aren't. We are mourning with them. Feeling their ache from afar. Although only one state over it's really not that far away. 

We are thinking of what we can do in our spot in the world to make it a better place. We are holding our child closer. Thinking of ways to make her world more peace-filled and joy-filled. The lessons we have learned from Newtown will be long lasting. And we will never forgot the faces of those precious little one's who were ripped from their parents lives way too soon in such a horrific way.

Sunday, December 16, 2012



There are no words to describe this weekend. 

It was spent quietly, mainly at home. 

We held Ree often. Gave her as much cuddles as possible. Kept the tv off for most of the time. All the time when she was awake. We read Christmas books and colored. All 3 year old stuff. So thankful for the gift of her. So saddened that it takes a horrific event like the one that took place Friday in Connecticut to make one realize how very, very blessed we are as parents.

Praying, crying, praying some more. So very thankful that my baby is here with me, safe and sound. My heart aches for the parents whose babies were stolen from them in such a horrible way. That they can no longer hold their children, play with them, kiss them, watch them grow up. 

There are no words right now. Just heartache. And sending so much love to the town of Newtown. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

This Moment


Just lounging around with her puppy in a pile of discarded party decorations!
(I really think this picture is from last week but I just downloaded tons of pictures from the camera and couldn't resist this one!)

I think I figured out the picture thing. I upload them to flickr and then copy & paste the html code. I THINK that doesn't use space. I'm hoping anyway! picassa

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along

Granny square sampler
I realized the other day that Christmas is just about two weeks away. I am all finished my shopping except for a few little things. Then I remembered I was making the Granny Square Sampler Afghan for my husband. And that it is only 1/4 put together! So in the spirit of staying home & keeping our home rhythms for a few days, Ree & I got out the squares, yarn and hook and started putting that thing together.

We are about half done now. In the New Year I want to make Ree a granny square afghan too. But the squares will all be the same size! This thing is beast! We're doing the same as we did this past summer...when I need a new color yarn she goes and picks it out. Talk about an eclectic blanket!

Cork Gnomes
We're also been knitting up the ornaments we're going to use as Christmas gifts. Little cork gnomes! These 10 will join the other 5 I have and that should be enough. Again Ree has been picking out which yarn should be the hats & which should be their sweaters!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Sunday morning

Rainy ride home

This weekend was a mix of slow and fast.

Saturday was a gray day. I did some Christmas wrapping; a little cleaning; a little knitting; quite a bit of list making. A headache in the afternoon prompted me to take a rest on the couch with the Christmas Tree on. Since it was very gray out by then it was very relaxing! After supper we made Ree a felt Christmas Tree with felt ornaments. Pictures to come soon!

Sunday was hectic in a good Christmasy sort of way. 
Mass & a quick grocery store run. Home for a bit to get lunch and then meet my dad & sister to go Christmas shopping for my mom.
The stores were busy but we had a great time & I think my mom will be very pleased on Christmas morning!
Afterwards we went to my sister-in-laws for a pre-Christmas get together.
On the way home it was raining so more Christmas lights and cuddles on the couch to unwind for a bit before bed. 
All this birthday/Christmas excitement has been getting a bit overwhelming for Ree.
I think this week we'll focus on picture books & doing her crafts/art. Staying home as much as we can and sticking to her normal rhythm!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

This Moment

Her new puppy had to help her blow out the 3 candle!

(For some reason I am able to upload a picture! Thank you for the advice. I'll have to look into either re-sizing my pictures or see how much blogger charges!)

This Moment

My "This Moment" picture is going to have to wait. When I went to upload it blogger told me that I had reached my limit on uploading pictures! I didn't even know there was a limit! I'm never good at reading the fine-print!

I can't figure out how to up my limit either. Could be because I want it to be free. And I'm not too keen on deleting old pictures. Although from what I've seen that may not work anyway.

Does anyone know any other free blogging sites that are user friendly? I most likely won't move hosting sites before Christmas but I suppose I should look into it. 

I like posting all my pictures here! A post with just words isn't as pretty! 

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Three years ago this morning I woke up thinking I still had 4 weeks (to the day) until my due date. It being a Friday I made plans for the upcoming weekend. That day I was going to wrap some Christmas presents; go to my doctor appointment and then attend my brother-in-laws birthday party. The big plan the next day was pack my hospital bag to be prepared. I was so proud of myself that I, the original procrastinator, was going to have the bag packed a whole month in advance!

I got the Christmas presents wrapped but was too tired to clean up. I left everything where it was thinking I would clean it up that night when we got home from my sister's.

At my doctor appointment the baby's heartbeat was a little irregular and the doctor thought she was still breech. She sent me from there down the hall for an ultrasound where it was confirmed that the baby was breech. I was disappointed as that meant I would need to schedule a c-section.

As the technician finished up I suddenly felt an odd feeling. As I got up from the bed I told my husband I needed to go into the bathroom. I was very embarrassed as I thought I had wet my pants! Instead my water had broken. Rather then go to my brother-in-laws birthday party we headed to the hospital for a surprise c-section. 

My sweet, beautiful little Ree was born at 7:15 that evening. She was so tiny at 5 lbs 5 oz and 18 1/2 inches long but perfect. She changed my life in ways that I can't even explain. Being her Momma is the best thing God could have ever planned for me. I am so honored to be able to guide her sweet soul. 

Her love of all things crafts; art; music; princesses; books & clothes. Her love of walking around the mall. Her answer to my question each day of "What would you like to do today" is always one of a few things: "Lets go to a craft store!" or "Let's go to Nana's!" Or "Let's go to the Mall!" Or "Lets go to the library!" makes me laugh. And then the times she just wants to stay home in her pajamas to read, knit, sew, play, and use her imagination delights me as well.

She woke this morning to the easel that her Daddy made for her (of which she helped until the last minute not knowing what it was or who it was for!) When she saw it this morning she exclaimed "Daddy that is for ME? You made it for ME?" was so precious. We then used markers and she then wanted to do glitter.

Afterwards she wanted to go to the mall. Not to shop but to ride the escalators. And try out the carousel (of which she wanted to get off as soon as it started. When she came back to me she informed me that it made her tummy not to feel good and she needed a donut). So we went for a donut. And then to the water & laser light show at the local furniture store.

For dinner tonight she wanted hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies so that is what she had. Her Nana & Grumpy came over for supper too with more presents. She is now curled up on the couch with her daddy watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I have no idea where these past three years went. But I have so enjoyed watching this little one grow up into the beautiful, sensitive, sweet little girl. My most favorite words from her little mouth (aside from I love you) are "Momma I need you to knit me......" and then when I finish whatever it is her appreciation warms my heart! 

I can't wait to see what life has in store for her. I am so glad I get to be a part of it with her!

Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend was all about birthday for my Tinkerbell loving little girl!

Saturday was sewing decorations and favor bags. Baking a cake. Cleaning. And watching the snow flurries with one very excited Ree!

Sunday dawned early and the question of "Is it time for my birthday party yet?" was heard hundreds of times! She helped hang up streamers & ran around the house in her new dress. Finally late in the afternoon her guests started to arrive. We had pizza & Tinkerbell balloons and all her favorite people in the world were here with the exception of two. Her little cousin had the stomach bug and needed to stay at home with her daddy.

I am thankful for today. A day of rest before the actual birthday tomorrow! She has grand plans for us!