Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along

Granny square sampler
I realized the other day that Christmas is just about two weeks away. I am all finished my shopping except for a few little things. Then I remembered I was making the Granny Square Sampler Afghan for my husband. And that it is only 1/4 put together! So in the spirit of staying home & keeping our home rhythms for a few days, Ree & I got out the squares, yarn and hook and started putting that thing together.

We are about half done now. In the New Year I want to make Ree a granny square afghan too. But the squares will all be the same size! This thing is beast! We're doing the same as we did this past summer...when I need a new color yarn she goes and picks it out. Talk about an eclectic blanket!

Cork Gnomes
We're also been knitting up the ornaments we're going to use as Christmas gifts. Little cork gnomes! These 10 will join the other 5 I have and that should be enough. Again Ree has been picking out which yarn should be the hats & which should be their sweaters!


  1. That blanket is awesome! I think it's great that Ree gets to pick the colors, I can see her grabbing pink more often than not. Lovely gnomes!!!

  2. love that the blanket is for your husband!

  3. What a great little helper she is! I like the randomness of granny square blankets, but HATE the stitching up part.

  4. Oh! I am sooo glad you are making that Sampler Granny Afghan! I wanted to start it this summer with everyone but knew the timing wasn't right and then our computer took a nosedive and I lost all my links and bookmarks and have been randomly rediscovering everything for months and months - uggh!

  5. The granny square afghan is beautiful. I love that it has so many colors in it.

  6. What a beautiful hodge podge! I'm sure he will love it!


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