Cultivating Creativity

And then all the sudden when we weren't looking she yelled that it was flying.

I believe that we all are called to live a creative life. We all have the desire inside of us to create. What create means to each of us is wildly different. No two creatives are alike, just like if you sat down to create the exact same painting as your friend, both pieces would be as different as you are.

I have written this new e-course Cultivating Creativity, as a way to tap into that inner creativity. To find or reignite that creative spark that lives in each one of us. 

It isn't just about being creative....but at the same time it is about creating a life. A life of passion, of mindfulness, of gratitude, of painting, of writing, of drawing, of any other creative pursuit one can imagine.

This is about connecting our body and soul. Of caring for ourselves and carving out time to manifest our creativity in our everyday lives. 

Cultivating Creativity is a three week course on how to live creatively as a way of life. We will focus on practicing mindfulness, moving our bodies and doing some creative work--through whatever medium of creativity you desire.

For $50.00 you will get:

Week One will focus on Creativity of Soul where we will listen to our inner creative voice and what it desires.

Week Two will focus on Creativity of Body where we will get creative in how we view, move, nourish and care for our bodies.

Week Three will focus on Creativity at Play where we will take what we have worked through in the first two weeks and use it to produce something. Painting, woodworking, a poem, drawing, cooking, singing, anything. 

All that is needed for this course is an open mind, a desire to sink into your creative side, and a camera or phone.

E-mails with prompts will arrive in your in-box on Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning on June 1st and ending on June 19th just before the Summer Equinox. On Saturday's you will receive an additional e-mail with an interview by a few creative women who inspire me greatly. 

I have also some giveaways up my sleeve for our time together. I have packed a ton of goodies into these next three weeks and I hope you consider joining me!

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