Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Postcards from Summer

Some Monday morning reading in the sun ☀️📚 Big sister joined us & we moved rooms but we are still reading. It's going to be a quiet sort of day I feel.

Yesterday morning was spent with us all catching up on our reading. After that we did a little art; baked some pumpkin bread & then it was lunch and rest time.

After rest we headed outside for some bike riding, collecting berries for the fairies & some more art in the shade of the crab apple tree.

These slow days of summer are starting to get less humid & uncomfortable. Our energy levels (and attitudes) are slowly beginning to swing upwards! And a morning spent with books & art & baking sure helps too!


  1. I'm so glad to see you are taking care of the fairies, they are such an important part of the world. I have a beautiful book of fairies I will have to share with you, I adore it.

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day :)

  3. we have two weeks of slow days then school starts for my husband and then the crazy schedule of his starts up! love the photos and the lighting.

  4. The humidity drains me as well. I am loving these dry summer days! I wish we could freeze this weather for the rest of the summer.

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    Keep it up!


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