Friday, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yarn Along...Crochet & knitting!

Before I learned to knit I learned how to crochet. Years & years ago. Then I wanted to make sweaters & socks but I don't care for sweaters & socks in crochet. So I learned to knit and haven't crocheted in years.

I do love granny squares though and have always wanted to make a granny square blanket. A few weeks ago I came across the Granny Square Sampler along that Blair is hosting with a new assignment each week. Except I couldn't remember how to crochet! Last weekend I finally sat down and learned:

 I completed week 1

 And week 2

Within 2 days. Week 3 has thrown me for a loop though! Hopefully I'll figure it out and have some more to show you this weekend. Of course if I wouldn't try to figure it out with Ree around trying to "help" me and wanting to know if I have "another square done yet" I may have better luck!

I'm using this as a stash buster project hence the wacky colors. My husband asked me if all these squares were going together in one blanket. When I said yes he went a little pale. I told him it was his Christmas present (in jest). He brightened up & said "I'll love it then!" So guess what his Christmas present will be!

I've also cast on the Miranda Hat as part of a knit-along that Evelyn from Project Stash has put together with her new pattern. If you'd like to join along there's a Ravelry group too!

I can't find my size 6 circular needles (and am starting to wonder if I even HAVE size 6's) so cast on with size 7. It's going to be big I think. But the pattern is wonderful, very easy! I'd probably be done by now except for the granny squares too! 

As for reading (yes I've somehow found time for reading this week too!) I'm almost finished with Home Front. A beautiful, fiction book about a woman who is deployed to Iraq. I haven't cried this much while reading in a long time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stormy Monday

Right now the sun is shinning. After a morning of hours & hours of thunderstorms and rain.
At one point it was so dark it seemed like night!
Ree doesn't like thunderstorms.
So I knit while she sat in my lap & "helped". All morning!
We did laundry.

Ree then spent an hour "sleeping" in the laundry basket of clean sheets.
We then had a picnic. At first a pretend one, then a real one for snacks.
I finished up week 2 of the Granny Square Sampler assignments.

Now there are 3 loads of laundry to be put away and dishes to be washed. And I should start thinking about supper.

Except my knitting is calling. And maybe my book. I wish I could knit & read at the same time like Karen!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


A relaxing weekend of:

Thunderstorms!! A HUGE one. I haven't heard thunder that loud in a long time.
Ree still isn't too sure if she likes them.
She loved the downpours that accompanied them.
I loved the beautiful breezes that came through killing the massive heat we've been suffering with.

I grilled hamburgers; made potato salad; set the outside table;
then we heard thunder.
I decided the heck with it and went along with my plans.
We enjoyed a nice supper outside with beautiful blue skies and background music of thunder in the distance.

Ree spent countless hours outside at her water table & going through the "outside shower". 
Also known as the sprinkler!

I started a new hobby (except I don't really need a new hobby).
I taught myself how to make granny squares for a crochet along. More about that on Wednesday for Yarn Along.

A beautiful Sunday morning. The sound of the lawn mower; flowers planted; weeds pulled; a nice breeze.

A very pleasant weekend!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

This Moment

First time strawberry picking....she loved "sorting" them!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


My mom has always been a prolific sewer. (And knitter. And pretty much anything crafty). She used to make my sister & I's Christmas dresses. And Easter dresses. And flower girl dresses. And toys, blankets, etc.

About 5 years ago I decided I wanted to sew too. So I started with a quilt:

 Not the best of pictures but it's a small lap quilt and I love it because it's my first. I then went on to make at least 2 or 3 more of this same size & pattern (I think it's a Heather Bailey pattern but I can't be sure)

Ree & I use this one as our picnic blanket or sit in the back yard blanket to read, color etc. Except...Ree is getting bigger & bringing more stuff outside. And I always have my stuff too. And the other day she told me I needed to get another blanket for my stuff!

Then I remembered:
This was probably begun about 4 years ago. The only thing left is quilting and binding. I started hand quilting the other night. And while we're in the middle of a heat wave with no A/C hand quilting may seem a little really is the perfect size for our picnics and other things. And lemons and limes just seem to say "summer!"

My goal is to try and finish the quilting (just a simple running stitch around all the full lemons) within the next few days and then make my own binding. If I can find a tutorial that is simple.

As for reading, I finally finished up a few library books so have jumped back into Anne of Green Gables. It's taking me back to summers when I was younger. Anne just seems like such a good summer time read!
needle and thREAD

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My girl

Due to the loss of a sweet little baby over the weekend I've been thanking God for the gift of my little girl extra hard. 

Yesterday we went out to the back yard for hours. We ate on a blanket; watched a butterfly land on the house; named as many birds as we could; picked dandelions & clover; made Ree her first clover crown; kicked a ball; pretended to take a nap & smelled all the flowers growing in the yard.

I so enjoy watching her grow and explore her world. It teaches me something too. To appreciate the wonder in the world around us. To stop, and linger in the present moment and see the beauty. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday was Ree's Daddy's Father's Day. We went out for coffee; opened gifts; bought flowers; played in the yard. Late in the day a phone call saying a baby had been born. Too early. Many prayers lifted up on behalf of her and her parents.

Sunday morning dawned beautiful. Early morning watering and cutting of fruit for a fruit salad to go celebrate Father's Day at my dad's.

Another phone call. The precious baby had passed away in the night before even getting a chance to live life. 

The rest of the day was spent with family; holding my own baby close; and celebrating the life of the Father's in our lives. All the while thinking of and praying for the Daddy who had his own precious daughter for just a few hours. 

The pain of those two parents is unfathomable. And I've thanked God many times these past few days for my precious little one. Such horrible news puts everything in perspective. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Right Now...

Right now I am....

Hoping the sun comes out so we can go to the zoo to celebrate my mom's birthday!
Thinking it's been awhile since I last blogged!
Wishing I had some crafty project to show you. But the knitting & sewing haven't been happening this week!
Relaxing because Ree & I had a playdate every single day for a week and a half.

So for the past few days we've just been hanging out at home. Reading tons of library books. I've been doing some baking (and eating before pictures can be taken!)

After publishing this I will be visiting my last few posts to answer some questions. How do you all respond to comments? I try to go visit the blogs of those who comment here. Should I also be sending an e-mail? I don't want to appear rude if you don't hear back from me! I'm thrilled to read every comment that is left!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


This weekend's weather was beautiful! 
Saturday morning began with coffee on the back deck.
Then a trip to a local Art Festival
After that lunch out & home where Ree & I took a nap
After naps I went to the grocery store came home to make supper that we then ate on the back deck.
Then it was playing outside until it was dark.

Sunday morning began the same as Saturday with coffee on the back deck
(Can you see the little dot that is the moon?)
Store for bird seed
Now Ree is napping and the husband is working in the yard.
I'll head out to help dig some holes soon. We're planting gladiolas.
Later on it'll be visiting and supper at my sister-in-laws.

A perfect weekend of relaxation & getting things done.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Keeping it real

Rather then link-up with Amanda at "This Moment" today I'm going to direct you towards my yarn along post. The picture of Ree with the flamingo really was my "This Moment" for the week. It makes me feel good that she loves on the stuff I make for her. And that it's had to come everywhere we've gone all week!

Today I'm going to link up over at ink + chai for keeping it real. I got the idea from Amanda at Habit of Being. I've really been enjoying reading everyone's keeping it real posts each week--sharing the ups & downs from the past week.

*Rain & fog. Every. Single. Morning.
*Headaches. Which are probably from the weather.
*Supper dishes left till the next morning
*Sunburn. I always remember to put sun screen on Ree but forget my neck. Ouch!

*Afternoon thunderstorms!! 
*My husband's overtime slowing down so he gets home at a normal time. And no work on Saturday's. I'm loving it!
*Being light out late that we now are able to go back outside after supper
*Seeing hummingbirds & red winged blackbirds at the feeders
*A friend getting a job here so they won't be moving
*A morning zoo trip even in the drizzle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ree's new friend

Ree's 2 1/2 birthday was the other day. She wanted a "birthday party". So I found a whole bunch of flamingo decorations and party stuff at the dollar store and picked it up. She wanted hot dogs and pumpkin bread for dinner (oh my stomach turned upon hearing that!). We compromised: hot dogs for dinner; pumpkin bread instead of cake. (But as I was putting her to bed she told me she wanted a "real birthday cake" the next day!)

For gifts I wrapped up the outdoor sprinkler I'd already bought her and made her a flamingo:

 She LOVES it. And already told me she needs 2.

The pattern calls for a pink Hi-Bounce ball to go inside it but I didn't have any so I just stuffed him with fiber fill. I want to get a ball and try that too so Ree will be getting her second flamingo! Just not sure when.

I'm finally reading Sheepish after reading so many other's posts about it. It's good so far although I'm only about 2 1/2 chapters in.

I can't show what I'm working on right now as it's a little something for my state swap (which I am WOEFULLY behind on) and I don't want Melissa to see if she stops by.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird watching

 Ree and I have a new hobby. Watching the birds that come to the bird feeders. Her memory is amazing. We checked a bird book out of the library a few weeks ago. She can "read" it back to us telling us what each bird is. Then when she goes to the feeder she yells out the names of the ones out there.

Except that she isn't always quiet when she approaches the windows. She can't understand why the birds fly away when she runs up yelling "Hi birds!" and slaps the window. The other day I found her reading a book to them. And last night she was trying to give them a stuffed animal. Some kids have imaginary friends. Mine has bird friends!

 I tried getting some pictures through the window...I think they came out pretty well considering.

So far we have seen gold finches; house finches; tufted titmice; sparrows; chickadees; and I've seen a hummingbird twice! On the ground we have a pair of mourning doves that aren't afraid of us anymore.

The other day we watched a baby robin fledge it's nest for about 45 minutes. So sweet! We also have grackles around that like to come to the feeder & scare the little birds. 

Thanks to the internet I've also been looking up the sounds the various birds make so we are learning what their calls sound like too.

My husband went out to do some errands the other day and came home with a bird poster. We hung it Ree height next to the window so that's a new source of amusement too!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Friday evening was spent outside. Weeding. Taking pictures. Playing chase. STILL working on tearing down the little house in the back. All until it got too dark to see (and too buggy).

I was awakened early early Saturday morning by a monsoon outside. Unbelievable rain. I curled right back up under the covers & was awakened hours later by the smell of coffee by my head. My husband knows how to get me up! Then he wanted bacon & eggs. Rather then making it we went out instead. Spent time with my parents. Came back home for Ree to nap; husband to get his car oil changed; me to watch Grey's Anatomy.

Sunday started out sunny and VERY breezy. We enjoyed a relaxing day at home. Just as we were getting ready to leave late in the day to go visiting we got cancelled on. So we stayed home where I spent 45 minutes watching a baby robin leave it's nest. Then we watched some huge storms form just to our south. Ree & her daddy colored and read books and I finished my book. And did some knitting. 

A pretty full weekend of family time and some needed relaxation!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

This Moment

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Loving running through the sprinkler!