Monday, June 4, 2012


Friday evening was spent outside. Weeding. Taking pictures. Playing chase. STILL working on tearing down the little house in the back. All until it got too dark to see (and too buggy).

I was awakened early early Saturday morning by a monsoon outside. Unbelievable rain. I curled right back up under the covers & was awakened hours later by the smell of coffee by my head. My husband knows how to get me up! Then he wanted bacon & eggs. Rather then making it we went out instead. Spent time with my parents. Came back home for Ree to nap; husband to get his car oil changed; me to watch Grey's Anatomy.

Sunday started out sunny and VERY breezy. We enjoyed a relaxing day at home. Just as we were getting ready to leave late in the day to go visiting we got cancelled on. So we stayed home where I spent 45 minutes watching a baby robin leave it's nest. Then we watched some huge storms form just to our south. Ree & her daddy colored and read books and I finished my book. And did some knitting. 

A pretty full weekend of family time and some needed relaxation!

Joining Amanda today!


  1. Wasn't that rain incredible? We pretty much watched the storms pass by to the south as well. We were supposed to go watch the high school lacrosse game but opted to stay dry! Have a great week!

  2. i love early morning thunderstorms...they make some good sleeping conditions!

  3. We had our monsoon Friday afternoon. I would have loved to had it Saturday morning! I spent my weekend with my foot propped up....boring!

  4. Our big rain was in the middle of the night! It was quite loud. My day lilies are in bloom as well :)

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend with some good amount of family time, some work, relaxing, crafting. That's what weekends are for, I think :)


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