Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yarn Along...Crochet & knitting!

Before I learned to knit I learned how to crochet. Years & years ago. Then I wanted to make sweaters & socks but I don't care for sweaters & socks in crochet. So I learned to knit and haven't crocheted in years.

I do love granny squares though and have always wanted to make a granny square blanket. A few weeks ago I came across the Granny Square Sampler along that Blair is hosting with a new assignment each week. Except I couldn't remember how to crochet! Last weekend I finally sat down and learned:

 I completed week 1

 And week 2

Within 2 days. Week 3 has thrown me for a loop though! Hopefully I'll figure it out and have some more to show you this weekend. Of course if I wouldn't try to figure it out with Ree around trying to "help" me and wanting to know if I have "another square done yet" I may have better luck!

I'm using this as a stash buster project hence the wacky colors. My husband asked me if all these squares were going together in one blanket. When I said yes he went a little pale. I told him it was his Christmas present (in jest). He brightened up & said "I'll love it then!" So guess what his Christmas present will be!

I've also cast on the Miranda Hat as part of a knit-along that Evelyn from Project Stash has put together with her new pattern. If you'd like to join along there's a Ravelry group too!

I can't find my size 6 circular needles (and am starting to wonder if I even HAVE size 6's) so cast on with size 7. It's going to be big I think. But the pattern is wonderful, very easy! I'd probably be done by now except for the granny squares too! 

As for reading (yes I've somehow found time for reading this week too!) I'm almost finished with Home Front. A beautiful, fiction book about a woman who is deployed to Iraq. I haven't cried this much while reading in a long time!


  1. lovely grannies! I want to learn to crochet too!
    found you from the Miranda hat forum. Looking forward to seeing what everyone knits up! cheers!

  2. beautiful squares and all those colors will look great together, that is what a scrappy quilt is supposed to look like. Love the yarn in the hat!

  3. I wish we lived closer so you could teach me to crochet granny squares, I just can't get it. Yours look so good.
    I don't own a size 6 needle [I know, hard to believe] so am casting my Miranda hat on a size 5. Oh well, it is a great pattern.

  4. Oh how I love Kristin Hannah. Home Front is a favorite of mine--how I cried! I love Granny Squares-they make me long for the ability for crochet. Happy knitting, reading and Crocheting!

  5. I have never done granny squares but always wanted too! Yours look great! I just joined the miranda hat knit along as well....love the colors in yours!

  6. I love granny squares! I've never managed to make one though. It's yet another "one of these days" projects. :) What a fun Christmas gift. ;-)

  7. I love me a good granny square. :-) Can't wait to see it when it's all done.

  8. I thought about making granny squares with my stash. I wasn't excited about the weaving ends and stitching together. I may still make a blanket I've got enough stash.

  9. I just love granny squares. I just wish crocheting didn't hurt my wrist so much!

  10. hey, you did get a lot done i would say! it'll look even more fantastic when it's all finished. my hubby's granny made us a lovely granny square blanket, these blankets are just the coziest!

  11. I love wonky colored granny blankets. Great crochet!


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