Thursday, June 14, 2012

Right Now...

Right now I am....

Hoping the sun comes out so we can go to the zoo to celebrate my mom's birthday!
Thinking it's been awhile since I last blogged!
Wishing I had some crafty project to show you. But the knitting & sewing haven't been happening this week!
Relaxing because Ree & I had a playdate every single day for a week and a half.

So for the past few days we've just been hanging out at home. Reading tons of library books. I've been doing some baking (and eating before pictures can be taken!)

After publishing this I will be visiting my last few posts to answer some questions. How do you all respond to comments? I try to go visit the blogs of those who comment here. Should I also be sending an e-mail? I don't want to appear rude if you don't hear back from me! I'm thrilled to read every comment that is left!


  1. I can send you a bucket full of sunshine, we have lots :) I usually visit their blog. If it's a very specific question I answer by email.

  2. I guess I need to do better at responding to comments...if I comment on a blog, I don't usually expect a response and often don't have the time to check back for one. Hope you were able to get to the zoo. Love the flower picture. Have a great weekend.


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