Sunday, June 10, 2012


This weekend's weather was beautiful! 
Saturday morning began with coffee on the back deck.
Then a trip to a local Art Festival
After that lunch out & home where Ree & I took a nap
After naps I went to the grocery store came home to make supper that we then ate on the back deck.
Then it was playing outside until it was dark.

Sunday morning began the same as Saturday with coffee on the back deck
(Can you see the little dot that is the moon?)
Store for bird seed
Now Ree is napping and the husband is working in the yard.
I'll head out to help dig some holes soon. We're planting gladiolas.
Later on it'll be visiting and supper at my sister-in-laws.

A perfect weekend of relaxation & getting things done.

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  1. Your weekend sounds restful..and perfect. Enjoy the coming week!
    My weekend was...

  2. I love any kind of flower, come on over and feel free to plant some here :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Relaxation and getting things done are two of my favourite weekend things.
    And the kids napping. )
    Ronnie xo

  4. It is such a wonderful time to be outdoors, the temps weren't bad here either. I hope you were able to get lots of planting done and will be enjoying fresh flowers soon.

  5. What a great weekend! I love that blue sky!

  6. That quilt is lovely, did you make it?

    1. Yes I did! That is the first quilt I ever made. We use it for picnics and morning coffee on the decks! :-)

  7. Coffee on the deck in the AM is my favorite part of this time of the year.

    How was the arts festival? We wanted to go but ran out of time. It's been way too busy lately.

    1. It was good! Very family friendly. Ree would have been happy to stay at the side walk chalk station the whole time and heck with checking out anything else!

  8. your line about running out to get bird seed speaks to the simple beauty of your life, your weekend. perfect. have a wonderful week.

  9. Was that the one at Garden City? I'd left the flyer for my husband but they didn't end up going. How was it? I saw that moon, it followed me back from New Hampshire. It was gorgeous in that blue sky all the way!

    1. Yes it was at Garden City! It was fun. Not very big but there were tons of neat local venders. The moon was gorgeous. I love it when you can see it during the day too!


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