Sunday, June 24, 2012


A relaxing weekend of:

Thunderstorms!! A HUGE one. I haven't heard thunder that loud in a long time.
Ree still isn't too sure if she likes them.
She loved the downpours that accompanied them.
I loved the beautiful breezes that came through killing the massive heat we've been suffering with.

I grilled hamburgers; made potato salad; set the outside table;
then we heard thunder.
I decided the heck with it and went along with my plans.
We enjoyed a nice supper outside with beautiful blue skies and background music of thunder in the distance.

Ree spent countless hours outside at her water table & going through the "outside shower". 
Also known as the sprinkler!

I started a new hobby (except I don't really need a new hobby).
I taught myself how to make granny squares for a crochet along. More about that on Wednesday for Yarn Along.

A beautiful Sunday morning. The sound of the lawn mower; flowers planted; weeds pulled; a nice breeze.

A very pleasant weekend!

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  1. Love your granny squares. A nice, heavy rain and thunderstorm would be very welcome here right now. Your potato salad sounds good....maybe I will make some. Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. we had some storms roll through as well, mostly it was just a lighting show. I keep seeing everyones granny squares for the yarn along and it's making me want to crochet again, though just like you I dont need another hobby either :)

  3. After a couple of very hot days I enjoy a nice big storm. The pictures you took are amazing!
    The granny squares colors are gorgeous. I am so tempted to join Blair in her project.

  4. I love thunderstorms although I always feel bad because my little dog is so afraid of them.
    Congratulations on teaching yourself crochet, I tried and failed miserable!

  5. I love the look of those granny squares! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  6. The fire on your grill actually startled me! It looked to be moving! Great shot, for a great weekend!

  7. new hobbies are always a good thing! Love potato salad and I only make it when company is here. (not enough people like it here). It was raining and thundering this morning so you must have sent it my way :)

  8. love thunderstorms! and crochet...i've al my yarns to do th granny square sampler, must find time!


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