Friday, February 28, 2014


Got some momma time in tonight at the book store. Bought this to get me started on a little #PBH for grown ups project

At the beginning January, I got an e-mail from Amanda saying that sign-ups for her next session of Write Now were open. I hemmed & hawed about signing up. I'd wanted to take it since she first offered it this past Fall but the timing wasn't right with the end of my pregnancy falling during the course. And then at the beginning of the year I thought I shouldn't do it because I had a new baby.

I finally took the leap and just signed up. I am SO GLAD that I did! Last Friday was the last day and I've felt kind of lost this week with no daily e-mails! 

I learned so much, and am feeling much more confident in my writing because of the course. I think the biggest thing I took away is the need to write every day. No matter if I sit down with something in mind or sit down and just write the first thing that comes to mind. Right now I'm just journaling for the most part. But that's a start. And I'm not really sure where I want the writing to take me. But I am happy with it and what I've learned.

At the beginning of this week, when I was feeling a little low and floundering a bit about "what should I write now?" I decided to start putting together a little project for myself. 

My word for 2014 is Poetry. Finding the beauty in the everyday moments. Funny thing is, I haven't really read too much poetry before. I want to change that. So I've started putting together my own little "course" in poetry. I'm hoping to have it complete in time for April--National Poetry Month. 

I want to read poetry, but also books ABOUT poetry. How poems work. How to read them. How to write them. To read a biography or two about a poet. While e-mailing back and forth with Amy about this, she asked if I was going to stick with a genre or time frame or just dive in. I thought about it and decided I may just dive on in. 

Right now I am still compiling information and putting my thoughts together. Which is why I am starting now! I think (I hope) a month is enough time to get my thoughts straightened out and be ready to go in April. 

My question for you:
Who are your favorite poets?
What is your favorite poem?
Do you have any suggestions of books on poetry?

I picked that book up at the bookstore the other night. I haven't read too much of it yet, but I think it's going to be a great resource! 

I am very excited about this new project of mine! I will be sure to report back here as I move forward with it and finalize things!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

These days 7::52

Goodies from my craft swap partner! IMG_1348 IMG_1343 IMG_1345

These days we are all a little bit crankier then usual. I blame the weather. We're stuck inside. Then it's nice enough to get outside for a few days. Then it's freezing again so we're stuck inside together again! Our usual pick me ups like painting, knitting, building with Lego's, reading, are all getting a little old. 

So in order to not continuously complain, I thought I'd share some things that are making us happy.

::The arrival of swap packages!! My beautiful package was put together by Anke from Our Little Piece of Heaven. I love it all!
::The arrival of our birds from the Mud Puddles to Meteors bird migrations swap. Meryl & her little one made us some lovely birds! We haven't gotten them into a mobile yet, Ree is enjoying playing with them as is!
::The sunset the other day was stunning. Unfortunately these pictures were waiting for me on the camera, I didn't see it in person. I had gone to bed with the baby just a little bit before this. When I mentioned to my husband he should have woken me up, he said something to the effect of "One never wakes a sleeping bear." 
::I'm working on a new project for myself. I'll be sharing it here soon!
::My knitting has stalled it seems. But that leaves time for reading. I've actually been finishing up a book here or there lately!
::I made a corned beef and cabbage meal the other night. My first time and it came out delicious!

What has been making you happy lately?

Monday, February 24, 2014


IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1334

It was a cranky start to the weekend

Momma went to bed Friday night & woke up Saturday morning on the wrong side of the bed

We had a birthday party for one of Ree's friends Saturday morning. By the time we got home we both were ready for naps. She "rested" by calling to me every 5 minutes asking if it was time to get up. I told her many times (not very nicely many times either) NOT YET.

Finally I went up, got her up, bundled both of us up and we went for a long walk in the neighborhood just the two of us. I thought she would get tired a long time before she did. We walked for at least a half mile so she could show me the "spooky forest" she and daddy found this past Fall. A new trail to walk this spring!

On the way home we skipped & jumped over all the cracks. We came home with rosy cheeks and better moods. It was an early bedtime for her & a movie night with the husband

Sunday we all woke up in better moods. Our regular Sunday routine of Church, coffee, a few errands, visiting family.

Today is back to some crankyness. I think it's the weather (I hope.) In a bit we're off to the post office & grocery store. I hope the crankyness doesn't follow us! 

I need to mail off my craft swap package! It's ready & waiting! So if you haven't gotten one yet, maybe this one is yours!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Balm for the soul

IMG_1327 IMG_1329
Same shot, taken a few hours apart

As evening approached yesterday I was caught by the light in the dining room. The candle was still burning from the tea party earlier in the afternoon. The art projects were still strewn across the table. 

After supper Ree asked if she could go snuggle in her bed with her dolls and books and "Please Momma, please maybe the iPad? Just to show my dolls the Sid show? And maybe Daniel Tiger? Please I'll be good." So up she went. Daddy & baby fell asleep in the living room. After dishes I was standing in the quiet kitchen with the lights down low struck again by the light in my house.

I took out the exercises from the Write Now course and sat at the dining room table with the candle (and more light then is shown in the pictures) and wrote for awhile.

As I wrote I kept stopping to listen. To the sleeping breathing of my loves in the living room. To the sounds of Ree talking to her dolls in her room. And let the peace of the moment wash over me. 

It only got better as the night wore on. I ended up bringing my book up to Ree's room to snuggle, to read, to say our prayers. As I was getting ready to tuck her in she asked if I'd like to listen to her hopes & dreams? How can a Momma refuse that? Even if it is way past a little girl's bed time?

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend!

Weaving words with the WriteALM prompts this month

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Out my window

moonset out my window out my window Out my window

Yesterday's WriteALM prompt was "out my window." 

As you have probably guessed, out my window is a favorite thing for me to photograph! As I was happily going from window to window yesterday (and this morning!) taking pictures of the beauty I found, I wondered if maybe you were tired of seeing pretty much the same pictures? And why do I feel the need each & every day to photograph what I see?

So I stood & pondered as I watched the sun go up (earlier & earlier each day!)

It is because each day is different. Even though I stand in the same spots each day, the beauty outside is different. Even if I stood at the same time each day, the light is different. The shadows are different. I notice something different about it. 

It always seems to be the morning when I stop & notice. I would like to train myself to take little moments throughout my day to glance out these same windows and see how the beauty out my window changes as the hours go by.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn Along

yarn along

Not the best picture. But I suppose that goes along with the knitting.

This is the 198 yards of heaven shawl. I began it at the beginning of last week. And have frogged it numerous times. I finally figured out how to do the even rows. And how to do the repeat rows. And I still manage to miscount/miss a stitch here or there. I'm really not at all sure how it's going to come out. I can't even say it's because I'm distracted while knitting it. I worked on it for a few hours of total quiet this weekend. Well except for the Olympics. But I even ignored those to figure this out.

And I'm hoping the yarn doesn't run out. This is some I dyed last spring & it is all I have!

I have been reading. Seen here is Still Writing which I am really enjoying. I also am in the middle of The Fountain of St. James Court; or, Portrait of an Artist as an Old Woman. I am enjoying that one as well. With all this snow we've been having I've been having time to knit a little bit and read as I hold a sleeping baby!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Watching Iron Man 3 while working on a dish cloth from #hibernate2014 Quiet Sunday #hellomorningcoffee

One word describes this weekend: slow

Other then my niece's birthday party & church we didn't leave the house. It was nice!

The birthday party was moved to Saturday early afternoon due to the snow storm we were predicted to get. It was a beautiful afternoon of visiting & watching the snow fall from my sister's window. I like seeing the different views. Thankfully we only had an 8 minute drive home that only turned into 15 minutes.

We hunkered down at home until my people realized it was 6:30 and they were hungry. I am sure I fed them something but I can't remember what that was!

Sunday we woke up to brilliant sun sparkling on the newly fallen snow. My sympathy to anyone who had to shovel it though. My husband said it was very heavy. We made it out to church then home to spend the afternoon playing legos; reading; & napping. I am trying to figure out the 198 yards of Heaven shawl and frogged it so many times yesterday!

As it got dark I again realized my people were going to want to eat supper AGAIN. Before I could say anything the husband offered to go pick something up. My hero! Supper in front of the Olympics is a perfect way to end a slow weekend!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Make & Listen

Untitled IMG_1186 Untitled

Last weekend was my husband's birthday. Since it was a milestone one I had decided last February that I would throw a party. Then baby V came & the idea of a surprise party went down the drain. So right at the New Year I brought him in on the idea of a party & he said that sounded good as long as it included just immediate family. That was fine with me....I didn't have to go nuts cleaning!

Since we have a mini party planner 4 year old we needed to have a "theme" and decorations. She suggested Rapunzel. I suggested we ask daddy what he'd like. While he thought Rapunzel was a very good idea, he also liked the idea of a lego party.

So we took the idea & ran with it. Except I couldn't find ANY sort of lego decorations in the stores around here. "That's okay Momma, we'll just make them all!" We kept it simple. I made duplo sized lego's out of card stock for her to strew all over the table. And it wouldn't be any party without streamers so we hung up lego colored streamers in the doorways and the dining room.

The cake though, that was my idea. The thing took forever and was a bit of a fiddly pain in the neck. But I was SO PROUD of how it came out. I didn't really want to cut into it!

So there has been a lot of lego making going on here last week. And of course a lego themed birthday meant daddy need a few new lego kits. Of which every spare moment has been spent building for both Ree & him.

Listening has been mostly the Olympics!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


IMG_1192 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1210

sending out light; shining or glowing brightly

This weekend we stopped by a local beach for a few minutes. Ree & I had been there a week before and marveled at the image of the ocean turning to ice. My husband wanted to see it so we took him Sunday morning. Not thinking that we had had three snow storms since with no time for the snow to melt. 

So we didn't see the effect of the ocean ice as Ree calls it but it was still a beautiful day. When I saw the prompt for yesterday was Radiant I thought of these pictures and how the day most certainly was radiant. The sun on the water; the sun on the swans; the sun on the snow.

We didn't stay long at all but it was nice to have these moments of beauty with my family. And as Ree kept saying "I am breathing in the air!" as she stood taking deep breaths. I didn't realize how much we all needed to breath in the crisp fresh air but I am so glad we took the time to!

Monday, February 10, 2014



This weekend began with a very busy Friday. By bedtime I was worn out & a bit upset that I'd been a slave of the to-do list & hadn't met the needs of my girls. The physical needs yes, but Ree had wanted my attention for art & books and I'd said no way more then yes. And V wanted to be held way more then I had held her. 

After some gentle, encouraging words on twitter & facebook from other mom's I decided to do
Saturday different.

It was my husbands birthday & we were having a party last night. We took a slow morning, moving deliberately & intentionally through the tasks on the list. I was calmer. Ree was happy because I included her in those tasks. V was happy because I put her in the sling & she came along too.

I thought I'd be able to rush through the list when my husband got home from work but V wouldn't settle. So I threw out the to do list & sat and held her for an hour as she settled and napped on me. Instead of worrying about the things that weren't getting done I relaxed into the moment and snuggled my baby while watching Ree and her daddy play with his new presents....a whole bunch of new Legos!

And something crazy happened! When I did get up just before guests arrived I was calm and relaxed & so were the rest of my loves so things were finished and we all had a good evening!

Sunday was also relaxed. After church Ree and I went for a "momma and Ree alone time coffee date." And in the afternoon I curled up in the chair with my knitting & book and relaxed the afternoon away!

We are all refreshed now and ready for a slow Monday!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Good Day 6::52

IMG_1170 IMG_1172 IMG_1174 IMG_1176

A good day is anyone when I wake up
when there is coffee to drink
morning quiet to pray, think, write

A good day is one when the sun is shinning
or the rain or snow is falling
when the temperature is warm or the temperature is cold

A good day is when a little voice calls from her room
"Good morning Momma! Can I come downstairs?"
when there are sweet gummy baby smiles & a baby head to nuzzle

A good day is when he leaves a morning note; sends an "I am at work safe" text; calls at lunchtime; comes home with a smile & open arms

A good day is one when I can't get out of my own way & Ree is moody & V doesn't want to be put down

A good day is when we have time for art & baking & reading
when we can get outside to explore & get fresh air

A good day is when the laundry piles up, the dishes go unwashed, the table is full of art creations, the living room has toys strewn about
but we are content & happy & creative

A good day is when the laundry is caught up, the dishes are clean, supper is made
and we are content & happy & creative

A good day is an afternoon of quiet rest with blankets & tea & cookies & candles & knitting & writing

A good day is full of work & play. Of family & love. Of happy moments & not so happy moments

A good day is when we all tumble into bed exhausted from the day's activities. Ready for sleep to refresh us so tomorrow we can do it all over again!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make and Listen

Bird mobile IMG_1178 Untitled

This week we've been making a few things. Some birds to include in the Mud Puddles to Meteors Bird Migration Mobile exchange. We're making extra...Ree isn't too sure on the "make stuff to send away" idea of swaps & such. She has made many (many) pictures to send to her aunt in Virginia. I still have all of them here because she can't stand to part with them! 

We've also been making all kinds of lego decorations for daddy's big birthday this weekend. I cannot BELIEVE that no stores around here sell anything for a lego birthday party. So we are making our own! Pictures next week!

We've also been building towers out of blocks and legos too of course. 

We've been putting on the local radio station for music. And still listening to the Frozen & Tangled soundtracks. To switch things up a bit last night we listened to some Abba.

This post should have gone live this morning. I forgot to hit publish. Which worked out because I could include the block tower from the library!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yarn Along

IMG_2416 IMG_2420

I tried my first felting project last week. The project came from the hibernate course with Heather. I enjoyed it, but need to do something about my felting skills. It's a little bit floppy for a bowl, even one that you aren't going to be using for food. Maybe I'll have to get the yarn Heather recommends & use that next time. I really have no idea what kind of yarn I did use. It was deep in my stash, I think one of the first yarns I ever purchased! The only thing I know about it is that I did buy it in order to felt things.

I have finally reached the foot on my pair of socks. I have a goal of finishing them before the Olympics. If I don't read in my spare time, I might be able to do it. Might.

As for reading, I am ALMOST done with One Thousand Years of Solitude. I have a goal of following along with the Year in Books. To read a book each month. At one time I would have blown right by that goal. But in this season of life....I'll be happy with one at least one a month! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Be Still

IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1161 IMG_1163 IMG_1168

There is nothing like a winter storm or a sleeping baby to make one be still for a length of time.

Both of those things happened around here yesterday. We had the first of three storms hit us. We took the day to hunker down at home doing art, preparing decorations for a lego birthday party this weekend, reading, resting, watching movies. 

As I sat in the chair watching the snow come down, holding a baby who had fallen asleep on me for the third time, I thought about the prompt, be still. There was a time when I didn't want to be still. That I'd be sitting there attempting to knit, or getting anxious that the dishes & laundry weren't done or the house needed to be picked up.

Instead I sat there feeling the weight of my sleeping baby, nuzzling her soft head, and watched a movie with Ree. 

This morning dawned bright and beautiful. I tried to capture the way the sun was hitting the snow but couldn't. It's exceptionally beautiful this morning for some reason.

Monday, February 3, 2014


IMG_2432 Changed the Sunday routine up a bit this week. That means there is time for a second cup of coffee, some reading AND knitting.

The weekend started out with a Friday night art session
Saturday was a slow start
Then a Rudolph 4th birthday party for my niece
A quick run to the grocery store that wasn't quick. The Saturday afternoon before the Superbowl isn't the best time to go. Especially if you are on a tight time limit. And also not a good time to forget your list on the kitchen table
Saturday evening Mass so that
Sunday morning can be relaxed
Some knitting was done
And some reading
And more coffee then usual
A quick stop at the yarn store
Then visiting family
There was a football game on but with four little one's there wasn't much football watching

This morning there is snow. That seems to be thinking about staying around until Wednesday. A good day today to make up some soup. And decide if the yeast in my refrigerator is good to give a try at homemade bread!

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