Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word for 2014


I was thinking I should write up a year-end review of 2013 to post. But 2013 can be summed in just a few words rather then a long post:
From January-March same old same old. From April until mid-November a haze of morning sickness & pregnancy. November 20th precious little girl number two came along. From November 20th until now...new baby haze/Christmas haze/Ree thinking she's a teenager haze.

The other day Twitter was abuzz with everyone talking about how they were thinking of the word or theme they want to carry into 2014. I've done this each year myself, only to have me forget by mid-January. This year I'm hoping it'll be different.

I've decided on the word Poetry.

Poetry in the sense that I need to see the beauty in the world around me. In the view outside my window; in the faces of my beautiful girls; in the love of my husband; in ME; in the words I read & the words I hope to write. I want to feel all the emotions of the moments around me. To be much more present in each moment of the day. And as I was thinking & pondering, the word poetry kept coming back to me. 

I've also come across this beautiful post "why Poetry matters" on the blog eat this poem. This was after I'd been pondering if I should use poetry as my theme word for the New Year. 

I'm not sure where this word will take me but I'm excited to find out. With the birth of the baby I'm finding my emotions are all over the place. Love for both my girls; the overwhelming feeling that there is so much to do & not nearly enough time to do it all; am I neglecting Ree while I care for the baby? she's been acting up so much is it due to the new baby? the excitement of Christmas? exerting her independence?

I'm hoping by trying to be mindful of where I am at this point in life, to see the poetry in all the moments of the day, good and bad, easy and difficult, I'll be more present. More calm, less likely to raise my voice. I don't know as one word can do all that but maybe it will center me a bit more.

Now lets see if I even remember what my word is come the beginning of February!! 


  1. Great word - with lots of beauty all around to be discovered and appreciated. I'm sure Ree's change in "attitude" is her finding her way into fitting into this new big sister role. And I'm sure you are not neglecting her - you are learning to divide your time between who needs mama the most at that particular moment. Have a wonderful happy and healthy New Year!!!

  2. Poetry is a wonderful 2014 word. May this year bring all you need and want. May you breathe and express in a poetic manner. XO

  3. The perfect word! I look forward to you weaving poetry in your days and sharing it with us. Happy new year!!

  4. Poetry is such a versatile, open word! So often words chosen seem to limit, but poetry really is limitless! Happy New Year!!

  5. i think it is an excellent word, full of possibility. you'll find that when you pay attention, there is so much poetry in the every day, the ordinary and it's worth noticing.


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