Thursday, January 2, 2014

In the beginning

Last sunset of 2013 Relaxing baby; coffee; journal & beginning a new book. #startingmoments #hellomorningcoffee

A new year brings so many possibilities. Each day is like a blank page in an open book just waiting for us to write our story. 

I've been thinking the past few days what I want my story of 2014 to look like. I chose a word to carry me through the year. Now I'm pondering how I want that to look, how I'm going to find poetry in my days.

I bought a new journal at Target the other day. I still have pages in the old one but I've begun the new one.  I'm hoping to find the poetry in the days is to take pictures. Not just on the ipad but with the big, real camera. My husband & I were talking and I mentioned that someday I want to take the camera outside into nature to take pictures. He asked me why I don't do it now? Because I answered, I'm waiting for the perfect time...the girls to be older, when I'm more experienced with the camera settings. He said do it now with the girls; learn the camera by getting out there. I am thankful he is my voice of reason when I hold myself back.

Go outside to find the poetry in nature. Too bad the weather is snowy with a wind chill below zero! I'll get there though. And for now there's taking pictures through the window!

I dug out my copy of One Thousand Gifts. Another way to find the poetry in my days is to count the gifts I am given each day. And to give thanks for them. I have a feeling this will tie into the photography too.

It seems especially poignant as we step into 2014, the beginning of a new year, that we have a new baby. There is no better beginning then that of a new person. Her innocence, sweet smell, everything is so tiny & fragile. She is an open book too. Her story is just beginning. I am so blessed that I get to be a part of her story, to witness where it will take her as she grows. 

Like with Ree though, I need to remember that I am not the author of her story. She ultimately is. I need to step back and read it along with her.

Once again Amanda has generously put together daily writing prompts for January. "In the Beginning" was yesterday's!


  1. there is nothing like cracking open a brand new journal and writing that first word, sentence. I hope you find poetry in your everyday-you know, I think you will. As for photos, I carry my camera out once or twice a week and just snap whatever catches my fancy. It's a habit that is easy to start-it helps when there is more daylight though!!

  2. Your husband is definitely right - go out there (when the temps become human again) and just play with the camera. I will right there with you! I have to learn how to use this new camera of ours and the best way is to just go out there and do it!


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