Friday, January 10, 2014

Found in the Silence 2::52

IMG_1030 IMG_1014

One of the January Prompts this week was silence. After journaling for a few minutes about silence I then sat in silence to listen & see what I could hear. Here's the list I came up with

*a baby breathing
*the hum that quiet makes
*pen on paper
*my heartbeat 
*birds singing
*the creaking of the house
*your own voice
*the wind through the empty tree branches
*knitting needles clacking

There is something sacred about the early morning silence. A time for thoughts to be thought & processed. Prayers to be said. Time to wonder at the poetry of newly fallen snow & the blanket it gives the world.


  1. The older I get the more I value silence.
    I hope you have the most joyous weekend.

  2. I love that time in the morning when all you can hear is the birds chirping. In my case it's a puppy dog barking at the birds. Ahhh - one day I'll actually get silence!

  3. the poetry of new fallen snow. YES! look at you, jen - already making your word of 2014 happen!

  4. Beautiful! Freshly fallen snow is just the best. Hoping for some here in the UK. Happy weekend! : )

  5. Early morning, when silence is pervasive, has become the favorite part of my day. Lovely post!

  6. So beautiful and this post made me smile, I love silence and usually it's in the morning-the best of both worlds!!


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