Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make & Listen

Doing some line art from the #arttogether ezine Some Art Together

I finally sat down to read "cover to cover" so to speak, of Amy's latest e-zine "Line". Ree was watching over my shoulder and decided she thought the snowy day called for some art & was that what I was thinking too?

Turns out I was! I pulled up the different paintings Amy linked to of Piet Mondrian and Ree decided she wanted to focus on Victory Boogie Woogie. She didn't get too far since I decided to write my name out & fill it with lines. I then had to write out her initials since her name is way too long to fit on the index card.

This is just the start of diving into Line. Up next: abstract trees. But of course yesterday was the day Baby V decided she needed to be awake all. day. long. And to be held by Momma or else she was screaming. So we didn't get too much art done but Ree was happy!

As for the listening part, we've been listening to the soundtrack of Frozen. We love it! 


  1. I love seeing Ree creating. You can see those wheels turning in that little creative head. Colored pencils were a favorite of ours way back. Nicole saw Frozen and loved it.

  2. :-) You know how I love pics of Ree and you creating!
    I keep hearing about Frozen. I should take my kids then, yes?!


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