Friday, January 24, 2014

The Birthday List 4::52

Birthday flowers

My birthday was on Monday & I sat down to make a list of things I hope to do in the coming year. Most are just small things, but they all are fun!

::light candles more often
::be more spontaneous
::watch more sunrises
::notice more sunsets
::bake with Ree at least once a week
::get outside more
::have at least weekly tea parties
::make a quilt for Baby V
::cuddle with my girls more
::start doing yoga again
::practice joy
::count 1000 gifts
::monthly "momma nights"
::clean out much of the clutter
::knit the girls matching sweaters
::read more books
::write some poetry
::read some poetry
::find the poetry in the every day
::go on regular adventures with the girls
::say "yes" a lot more when Ree asks to do things
::practice 100 acts of kindness (or more)
::start a solid writing habit
::write/make happy mail for people


  1. You have listed so many interests that would be on my personal list. May you achieve all and experiencing everything you wish for :)

  2. What a wonderful list Jen. All those little things count.

  3. A great list! Best wishes in your year! :D XO


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