Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn Along

Yarn along

There hasn't been a ton of knitting going on, but some. Baby V is 8 weeks old today (!!!) and getting more & more alert and awake for longer periods. And that means she wants to be held often. So the knitting needles don't come out as much as they used to. But I do manage a row or two every so often throughout the day.

The mates to these socks are in progress as we speak. Don't ask why I began a baby sock before finishing the big socks. Early baby distraction brain maybe?

I have been reading more. That stack contains Arcadia which I am really enjoying. One Thousand Gifts which I've read before but am re-reading. Savoring it. And counting my 1000 gifts in my journal. If You Want to Write, which I've only read the first chapter. I'm trying to take notes as I read which doesn't happen much with a baby in arms! And Small Steps for Catholic Moms. This is a short devotional for each day. I AM able to get that in each day!!

So there's a little bit of knitting & reading going on each day. Not to mention the reading that happens with Ree!

What are you knitting & reading these days?


  1. I see some knitting progress :) Eight weeks! my how time flies by.

  2. I remember the days of getting things done in 10 minute increments. I love Danielle Beane, That must be a great book. I can't believe that little darling is 8 weeks old already. Wow!!!


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