Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday List 1:1

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I write lists all the time On scrap pieces of paper; in my journal; really any time there's a piece of paper around. All different kinds of lists lists, gratitude lists, book lists, anything that pops into my head.

So I decided to start a weekly post where I share one of my lists from the week. I think this ties in with this year's word, Poetry. I found a form of poetry that uses lists. I like that idea!

This week we have Ree & I read a book Winter is the Warmest Season. We then decided to make our own list of what makes winter warm for us!

"Winter is the Warmest Season"
::tea parties
::hot chocolate
::snow pants & boots
::cuddling under blankets
::Momma's knitting
::warm soup
::watching the snow fall from inside
::having a fire
::nice warm pajamas
::baking cookies
::make snowmen and snow castles
::hot baths to warm you up


  1. Great list on a cold, cold day! I'm glad you and the girls stayed nice + cozy warm.

  2. what a great list maker you are (and yay! training ree early on)! all those things sound cozy and warm and inviting.

    ps: love that candle in your photo - wish we could find something so understated like that here, the ones i find here are COLORFUL!

  3. As a list maker myself I love reading yours! I could go for some cookies freshly baked after snow play!!


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