Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along

Finally making progress on Marie-Therese's Easter sweater!

I took this picture early Sunday morning. After 3 failed attempts Ree's Easter sweater is finally coming along! I am really pleased with it. I have complete 4 more pattern repeats since this picture so I'm almost finished with the back. I'm HOPING to have it finished by this time next week as I realized I want her to wear it for the pictures I want to take to put on the Easter cards. That means I also need to make her dress. But first I should pick out a pattern and buy the fabric! Easter being so early this year is really getting in my way! Never mind I want to finish my sweater for it too!

I haven't been doing too much reading lately. It's been all about the knitting in my spare moments. Plus I've been going to bed a little earlier then usual as part of my "get up early to use time wisely" rhythm I've got going. That's cutting into my bedtime reading!

Monday, February 25, 2013


Another grey morning

I find myself:

**Noticing God's glory
Even though it's another grey morning, the grey of the sky & the white of the snow that fell in the night is very pretty.

**listening to
The birds outside. Something about their song is saying "Spring isn't too far away!"

**clothing myself in
Still in pajamas and a sweater

**Reading these books with Ree
So many right now! We need to get to the library to pick out a new stack!

**thinking & thinking
About these posts that Amanda wrote last week on time. Part one, Part Two & Part Three. She got me really thinking about how I spend my time and how it can be more streamlined so my day flows better. I've been making lots of lists and small changes here & there in our routine. What I have done has helped tremendously!

**carefully cultivating rhythm
Goes along with what I'm thinking about. A big change I've made in the rhythm of my days is getting up earlier. I am lucky in that Ree LOVES sleep. Even more then a teenager some days. She gets up anywhere between 8 & 9 (or a little later) almost every day. Instead of myself staying in bed until just before she gets up I've set my alarm for 6:50 to be up with my coffee by 7. I sit & pray while I drink it, then come to the computer. Some mornings I also get my exercise in although more often then not that waits until afternoon rest time.

**creating by hand
Still working on Ree's Easter sweater!

**encouraging learning
 We're counting this week. Over the weekend I found a deck of cards & Ree's Daddy started to teach her solitaire. He's working on her recognizing the letters & symbols on the cards first, before getting into how to play the game. (Which will be awhile before she gets the hang of it!)

**keeping house
This ties in with my "thinking & thinking" and cultivating rhythm. Elizabeth has some great posts about keeping house that I have been reading through. I'm trying to set up a housekeeping schedule (very, very loose one). I'm also making lists: I'm planning on a spring cleaning in March.

**crafting in the kitchen
Last week Jen from Random Thoughts in my Head sent me the link to the blog, 100 Days of Real Food. I have spent quite some time going over all the posts over there. I've gotten some great ideas and really would like to take the 10 day pledge of eating only real foods. That's still being pondered. But I have been making (more) lists & planning. They have some great ideas on snack which is what I've been needing!

**loving the moments
When I get to go to the grocery store alone! I certainly missed my little helper but it was nice to go up & down the aisles with only the thoughts in my own head rather then having a little chatter box with me!

**giving thanks
 for little girls who love to do all things with fairy wings on. Brings whimsey to the little moments!

**living the liturgy
Planning St. Patrick's Day activities. I know it's early. But my husband is 1/4 Irish & to him that means he might as well be fully Irish. And Ree has jumped on the bandwagon of we need to celebrate "Shamrock Day" longer then just on one day in March. So I'm planning out some stuff to do as soon as the calendar hits March 1st.

I'm also doing a little reading from my books Pope Benedict wrote. I'll be watching quite a bit of that this week as he prepares to step down from the Papacy this Thursday.

**planning for the week ahead
A slow week planned. I want to work on our rhythms & do some cleaning. There will be a bit of visiting with family. I want to bring Ree to the Children's Museum this week too, now that school vacation is over & I'll be able to find a parking spot!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Fairy wings Coloring

Saturday morning Ree & I went to my niece's 3rd birthday party. We had so much fun! It was held at a local toy store & they did an awesome job! There was coloring, a craft, story time, play time, pizza, games & more coloring. Ree had so much fun she wanted to go back today!

When we got home Ree's Daddy tried to teach her how to play solitaire while I went to the grocery store. It's amazing how much faster I can get the shopping done when my little helper isn't there!

For the rest of the afternoon we were quiet, each doing our own things. I knit; Ree spent quite some time with her stamps, markers & paper. Wearing her fairy wings of course! Her Daddy spent a few hours with the seed catalogues that have been coming, making lists for this year's garden. I can't wait to get outside!!

As the afternoon went on it began to rain then snow. I made calzones for supper & we had a family dinner & movie night watching The Game Plan. Ree loves the movie just for the ballet scenes with the little girl!

Today has been slow too. Some knitting for me with my morning coffee before Church. A few errands after now home. I'll be baking some brownies in a bit to bring up to my sister-in-laws. That is if they aren't getting snow! 

Joining Amanda, whose blog link seems to be broken right now!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Lemon

Meet Lemon! New best friends! Playing hide and seek in Marie-Therese's hair

We got our new parakeet, Lemon, on Wednesday and she & Ree have taken to each other like crazy! Ree is always asking for Lemon to come out of the cage & when I let her out the bird goes right to Ree! She loves to perch on her shoulder or hide under her hair. It is SO sweet. And teaching Ree that it's good to be quiet and not move so quickly at times. An added bonus!

Earlier today Ree was walking around the house with Lemon sitting on her hand showing her everything. That bird sat right there and sang to Ree the whole time they were walking and talking. After only having her less then 2 days I am shocked at how much Lemon is allowing herself to be handled by anyone never mind Ree! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


IMG_0527 IMG_0529

I've been knitting like crazy all winter. So much so that I haven't sewn any thing since at least the Fall. 

Last week I decided that Ree & I needed a dedicated craft room. We HAVE one it's just become a dumping ground for everything. But I want a space for us (especially her) to be able to do our crafts and leave them out when we decide we are done "for now" but want to come back. We've been doing crafts at the kitchen table but when it's time for dinner it all needs to be picked up. Lately I've been noticing that Ree works on a project for a little bit, goes & does something else but gets very upset with me if I clean up. "I wasn't DONE Momma. I was coming back later."

Since we have a room upstairs that is supposed to be for just this sort of thing (and it gets GORGEOUS sunlight all day long) I decided to clean it. So last week my little helper & I headed up there. We took everything out except the big furniture. We cleaned a little, organized a little, then she found some beads & wanted to use them. I found some fabric and wanted to use that.

The room still looks a horrible mess (why do things always look worse before they look better?) But who could resist both that beautiful springy fabric and that beautiful winter sunlight? My niece had a birthday party last week and to go along with her box of art supplies I decided she needed an art apron. Silly me forgot to take a finished picture.

So the room still isn't quite comfortably useable but it IS possible if I want to move piles of things out before crafting. Each day I do a few little things. I'm hoping to dedicate a chunk of time this weekend up there and finish it! My drawers of fabric is suddenly calling me to make Ree a quilt. And I'm thinking I want to embroider some cute little pictures to add to it!
needle and thREAD

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yarn Along:: Happy Socks

Finished my "Happy Socks"!! Happy Socks

I finished my Happy Socks the other day! I am so happy with them. I love the yarn. So bright & cheery. And I have plenty left over to make a certain little girl a pair too (as I was so sweetly reminded as soon as both were on my feet). 

I'm also working on her Easter sweater. So far I've ripped it out TWICE. First because I knew it was knitting up too small and I also wasn't pleased with the pattern. So I found a new pattern and had JUST divided for the sleeves when I realized I was making the 18 month size not the size 4. Oh how I was so upset with myself. But I took it out and started over and now I like both the size & the pattern. Due to sock knitting and the troubles with Ree's sweater I haven't picked up my February Lady in over a week. I think it's time to focus on the sweaters!

For reading I'm in the middle of books right now. I just finished Project Based Homeschooling yesterday. We went to the library last night & I picked up a few new ones but haven't had a chance to start one yet!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sunrise Sunset

I find myself:

**Noticing God's glory
There were some gorgeous sunrises & sunsets this weekend. Especially Sunday evening. We were at my sister in laws house who lives on a lake. The sunset over the lake was stunning from beginning to end! I'm so glad I got to see it!

**listening to
Silence & the parakeet eating. She's anxiously awaiting her new friend tomorrow!

**clothing myself in
long sleeved t-shirt & my owl pajama pants.

**Reading these books with Ree
Pinkalicious & Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are her two favorites right now. We read them so many times during the day that she is able to sit and read them to me. Word for word.

**thinking & thinking
about rhythms & routines

**carefully cultivating rhythm
I am trying to get a set rhythm for our days down. This needs self discipline from Momma. But the little bit I've actually implemented over the past week has been helping tons. Not just in the house work but also Ree's attitudes. (And mine too!) I'm still pondering and planning.

**creating by hand
Easter sweaters for Momma & Ree. I had to rip out all of Ree's AGAIN last night. More on that tomorrow.

**encouraging learning
Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom all the time is really helping Ree recognize her letters. We made a coconut tree yesterday so she could glue the letters on it. 

**keeping house
Right now just the "maintenance" stuff. But I've got lists going to start a spring cleaning. This is part of my new routines & rhythms. It's still in the beta stage. When I've got more concrete things down I'll write about it!

**crafting in the kitchen
I've been trying to cook healthier and more substantial meals lately. Last night was potato soup and ham. Delicious for a cold winter's night! While I haven't been writing down a weekly menu plan I've had one in my head for the past few weeks. Or at least deciding what to eat that night by 10AM. It's easier to know what's for supper before it's time to start cooking!

**loving the moments
When Ree comes over and asks to cuddle

**giving thanks
for the man who goes to work in the dark in the morning and comes home in the dark at night. 

**living the liturgy
With Lent beginning last week I've been trying to bring the season into our home a little bit. This week we'll read the story of creation. Maybe make a collage of when God created the sun & moon as she's loving the moon lately. Keeping it simple yet trying to incorporate more into our days.

**planning for the week ahead
A slow week. A few story times planned; picking up the new bird; a Valentine lunch with my aunt, sister, mom the kiddies. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Saturday morning puzzle building Playing with buttons on this snowy afternoon

This weekend was full of more snow. We woke up Saturday morning to grey skies and snow showers. Ree & I read all her library books; built quite a few puzzles; then had a little Valentine's themed playdate with one of her friends.

In the afternoon we went out to get Momma some new glasses then popped in the pet store next to the eye glass store. Daddy & Ree found themselves in the back watching all the birds. I found them standing watching the cages full of parakeets. Ree saw me and yelled "There's a yellow bird! My favorite color is yellow!"

I don't know whose eyes were pleading for the sweet bird more, her's or her Daddy's. How can I say no especially when they both look at me like that??

So we put her on hold as we had a birthday party to attend and the poor birdie wouldn't have made it through. Ree & I will go pick her up this week!

After that we went to my niece's 3rd birthday party. It's crazy that these girls are growing so fast! 

This morning we woke to about 5 more inches of snow! I am SO ready for spring and colors outside other then white!!

Ree spent the afternoon sorting all her buttons. It's amazing to watch her play with them for hours on end. Her imagine is endless! 

Now I'm listening to the wind howl outside. Thankfully no snow is in the forecast for the next few days. We still have about a foot and a half outside!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's week

Fairy wings leotard & leggings. I love this kid & her imagination so much!! Valentine Owls. The one in the front is Marie-Therese's
Valentine's morning Some pink knitting on Valentine's Day

This week has absolutely flown by! With Momma recovering from her cold the house is finally getting cleaner; laundry is getting washed (and put away!) and we are getting out of the house & having some fun!

There has been Valentine crafting & giving. My niece & nephew came and spent the afternoon with Ree and I the other day. (While their Mommy & Daddy went to do things to get them a new house!) We played hard & crafted hard. Ree was so happy to have her cousins come play at her house.

We had a family Valentine supper with everyone last night. Lots of yummy food made by my mom. She spoils us! My dad gave all the girls roses. Ree was so proud to bring her rose home last night & put it in her bedroom. He has always brought us girls flowers on Valentine's Day as long as I can remember. It used to be carnations when we were young and then he switched to roses. I love that he carries out the tradition to include the granddaughters too!

There's been a little knitting this week too. I finished the heel on my second Happy Socks yesterday afternoon. I'm HOPING to get them finished this weekend. We shall see. (We've been so busy I forgot about putting up a Yarn Along post on Wednesday!)

This weekend is set to be busy as well. A 3rd birthday party for a sweet niece; a possible play date with one of Ree's friends; more visiting on Sunday. Oh and maybe another snow storm tomorrow (!!). Life is full & very good!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Blizzard

Day after 
Blizzard 2013 Climbing the snow Fun in the snow

We made it through the Blizzard of 2013 fine! I am so thankful as so many people in our area lost power for the weekend. Schools are still closed today for most of the state. We aren't used to 2 feet of snow all at once around here!

The storm hit at a perfect time for us, the weekend! With a storm & colds in the house we settled in with books, blankets, knitting & crafts. Ree & I did many Valentine crafts on Saturday. For a little girl who loves pink & glitter this is a wonderful time of year!

Yesterday we spent curled up on the couch reading books & napping. And of course going outside for a little bit to experience all that snow! It was beautiful as the sun hit it. Although it was "so very bright Momma!" She had fun until her boots got snow in them and her pants got wet and then it was so not fun any more. 

Now thankfully our colds seem to be leaving. The snow on the other hand will be here for awhile!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Making snowmen! Marie-Therese's rice crispy marshmallow snowman!  Untitled

The Blizzard of 2013 is upon us! They are predicting we could get 2 FEET of snow here. Ree & I spent the day at my mom's yesterday. In preparation of the snow that was to come my mom had all the ingredients to make rice krispy snowmen. Ree had a blast! They came out very cute!

Today is my husband's birthday & we haven't let the snow get in the way of the festivities! This morning Ree & I baked a cake and put up some decorations. Thankfully his work closed early so he was home before the weather got really bad. There was a nice lunch, some gifts & now supper is cooking away. I heard there's some chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream if everyone eats all their meal!

Later on we'll be curling up under blankets with books & knitting (for me). Ree has been busy playing buttons & legos all afternoon. Both she & I have wicked colds so this storm is good for us to hunker down & relax. Not the most exciting of birthday's for my husband but he's assured me relaxing inside & some shoveling is just what he wanted!

I hope everyone in the path of "Nemo" (when did they start naming snow storms?) stays safe!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Along

February Lady Sweater Finished turning the heel

Well I didn't get much (any) knitting done during the Superbowl. About 5 minutes after kick-off Ree came down with the stomach bug. So we quickly got her calmed down & began the 35 minute ride home from my sister-in-laws. Thankfully she slept the whole way home! But the rest of the game at home was taking care of her & cuddling poor little baby.

Monday she just wanted to lay on the couch & watch her shows. So I DID get almost the whole happy sock completed! I am loving it! Last night I sat & did some more and am almost at the toe of sock 1!

The top picture is my February Lady Sweater. I'm at about 50% and loving it. I tried it on the other day and so far it fits great! Except that Ree reminded me that "it's too short & there are no arms on your sweater Momma!" She also helped me take the picture of it. Hence it being inside out and me not realizing that until I'd already uploaded the picture.

I'm hoping to cast on her Easter Sweater when I finish this first sock. I also have a baby sweater I want to make in time for a baby shower at the beginning of March. AND I have an order from Knit Picks coming this week. For more projects. I feel a bit of ADD when it comes to my knitting projects lately!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Windmills State Capitol Sunset
These were all taken last Sunday on our drive to visit family.

This weekend has been all about two things: knitting & food.

Ree & I spent almost all morning yesterday cooking some appetizers for last night's pre-Superbowl party at my parents. Spinach puffs & stuffed mushrooms. Yum! Late in the afternoon we headed to my mom's where we all got together to eat. Who cares about the Superbowl? (I don't this year!) Bring on the food!!

When I wasn't cooking I was sitting in the chair knitting. I cast on some bright happy socks & I'm working on my February Lady Sweater. Come back Wednesday for a peak of them. I woke up this morning and knit until Ree got up. Then we went to Church. We came home where I cooked some more yumminess to bring to my sister-in-laws this evening.

Ree's Daddy has a birthday this week & my parents gave him a record player so he can play all his old records. While I cooked & did dishes he & Ree played music. She wanted to dance with him and when I turned around she was sound asleep! 

Once she wakes up we'll head out to go actually watch the Superbowl. I'll bring my knitting and hopefully have an almost complete sock by the end of the night.

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