Thursday, February 21, 2013


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I've been knitting like crazy all winter. So much so that I haven't sewn any thing since at least the Fall. 

Last week I decided that Ree & I needed a dedicated craft room. We HAVE one it's just become a dumping ground for everything. But I want a space for us (especially her) to be able to do our crafts and leave them out when we decide we are done "for now" but want to come back. We've been doing crafts at the kitchen table but when it's time for dinner it all needs to be picked up. Lately I've been noticing that Ree works on a project for a little bit, goes & does something else but gets very upset with me if I clean up. "I wasn't DONE Momma. I was coming back later."

Since we have a room upstairs that is supposed to be for just this sort of thing (and it gets GORGEOUS sunlight all day long) I decided to clean it. So last week my little helper & I headed up there. We took everything out except the big furniture. We cleaned a little, organized a little, then she found some beads & wanted to use them. I found some fabric and wanted to use that.

The room still looks a horrible mess (why do things always look worse before they look better?) But who could resist both that beautiful springy fabric and that beautiful winter sunlight? My niece had a birthday party last week and to go along with her box of art supplies I decided she needed an art apron. Silly me forgot to take a finished picture.

So the room still isn't quite comfortably useable but it IS possible if I want to move piles of things out before crafting. Each day I do a few little things. I'm hoping to dedicate a chunk of time this weekend up there and finish it! My drawers of fabric is suddenly calling me to make Ree a quilt. And I'm thinking I want to embroider some cute little pictures to add to it!
needle and thREAD


  1. That fabric is just fabulous!! I'm sure she will love her apron! And how wonderful that you can have a dedicated craft room ~ more than once, my children have been heard saying, "There's frabric in my food" ;-)

  2. That fabric is awesome! I am re-organizing our craft space as well, and it is taking me a long time...we get distracted easily in these parts :-)

  3. I love those socks in your last post! They are so bright and happy looking! You new craft room will be great...I know that you are daughter will spend many happy hours there!

  4. I need a craft room too! I've got stuff spread out every where. Hey, wanted to let you know about the blog They've got tons of info and recipes. I just found about it a couple of weeks ago and they've posted great recipes.

  5. what a dream---a craft room --WITH GREAT LIGHT!!--and a door! And a place for mommy/daughter crafting together. you all are going to have a ball in there!! (just remember to come out for meals)

  6. you are so lucky to have your own room! I love the lighting and that fabric is gorgeous :) I didn't know you sewed. Or I forgot. when the kids pack up their "stuff" and move out permanently, I'm doing this too.


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