Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yarn Along

February Lady Sweater Finished turning the heel

Well I didn't get much (any) knitting done during the Superbowl. About 5 minutes after kick-off Ree came down with the stomach bug. So we quickly got her calmed down & began the 35 minute ride home from my sister-in-laws. Thankfully she slept the whole way home! But the rest of the game at home was taking care of her & cuddling poor little baby.

Monday she just wanted to lay on the couch & watch her shows. So I DID get almost the whole happy sock completed! I am loving it! Last night I sat & did some more and am almost at the toe of sock 1!

The top picture is my February Lady Sweater. I'm at about 50% and loving it. I tried it on the other day and so far it fits great! Except that Ree reminded me that "it's too short & there are no arms on your sweater Momma!" She also helped me take the picture of it. Hence it being inside out and me not realizing that until I'd already uploaded the picture.

I'm hoping to cast on her Easter Sweater when I finish this first sock. I also have a baby sweater I want to make in time for a baby shower at the beginning of March. AND I have an order from Knit Picks coming this week. For more projects. I feel a bit of ADD when it comes to my knitting projects lately!


  1. I hope that Ree is feeling better. Stomach bugs are no fun.

    Your project looks great.

  2. Hope Ree is feeling better. Your lady sweater is coming along nicely!

  3. I'm sorry Ree is not well, I hope she feels better soon, I love your FLS so much!! And that sock is beautiful!!

  4. hope your little one is feeling much better! and a good reminder there from her about the sweater ;) looking forward to seeing it finished!

  5. great sweater...I frogged out a vest and haven't really gotten back into it yet. tax time is busy time for me, but I'm lining up the projects!!

  6. So sorry to hear that Ree was sick. Hope she's back to health soon.
    Your projects are beautiful.

  7. i hope your little one is better soon, your white fls is so pretty!

  8. Hoping you are on the mend by now! Love the socks!


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