Sunday, February 17, 2013


Saturday morning puzzle building Playing with buttons on this snowy afternoon

This weekend was full of more snow. We woke up Saturday morning to grey skies and snow showers. Ree & I read all her library books; built quite a few puzzles; then had a little Valentine's themed playdate with one of her friends.

In the afternoon we went out to get Momma some new glasses then popped in the pet store next to the eye glass store. Daddy & Ree found themselves in the back watching all the birds. I found them standing watching the cages full of parakeets. Ree saw me and yelled "There's a yellow bird! My favorite color is yellow!"

I don't know whose eyes were pleading for the sweet bird more, her's or her Daddy's. How can I say no especially when they both look at me like that??

So we put her on hold as we had a birthday party to attend and the poor birdie wouldn't have made it through. Ree & I will go pick her up this week!

After that we went to my niece's 3rd birthday party. It's crazy that these girls are growing so fast! 

This morning we woke to about 5 more inches of snow! I am SO ready for spring and colors outside other then white!!

Ree spent the afternoon sorting all her buttons. It's amazing to watch her play with them for hours on end. Her imagine is endless! 

Now I'm listening to the wind howl outside. Thankfully no snow is in the forecast for the next few days. We still have about a foot and a half outside!


  1. Oh yay Ree is getting a birdie! Have fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I thought her favorite color was pink?!?! Well your house will be cheerful with a new bird :) Love the photo of her doing the puzzles. Spring will arrive soon, very very soon :)

    1. Pink and yellow! Pink is the most favorite with yellow being very close behind :-)

  3. What a dear! My sister used to beg to play with my mom's "bups!" (or buttons) when she was a little girl. My Teen did the same. Kate hasn't lived with them, so she didn't do so as much as the others did. Good luck with the bird... we had them when I was in college. Fun creatures!

  4. Ree looks like she really concentrating on those buttons. I played with my mom's "bucket of buttons" when I was a kid. She had an at home job where her and a friend packaged them up.

    Too bad there weren't pink and yellow birds! : ) Maybe there is somewhere!
    I'm wondering what Ree will name it.

  5. she looks like such a big girl in these photos!


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