Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Lemon

Meet Lemon! New best friends! Playing hide and seek in Marie-Therese's hair

We got our new parakeet, Lemon, on Wednesday and she & Ree have taken to each other like crazy! Ree is always asking for Lemon to come out of the cage & when I let her out the bird goes right to Ree! She loves to perch on her shoulder or hide under her hair. It is SO sweet. And teaching Ree that it's good to be quiet and not move so quickly at times. An added bonus!

Earlier today Ree was walking around the house with Lemon sitting on her hand showing her everything. That bird sat right there and sang to Ree the whole time they were walking and talking. After only having her less then 2 days I am shocked at how much Lemon is allowing herself to be handled by anyone never mind Ree! 


  1. Sweet pictures and a cute little bird. I love the name! Have fun this weekend.

  2. They were meant to be together :) I love the way the bird snuggles under her hair!


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