Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sunrise Sunset

I find myself:

**Noticing God's glory
There were some gorgeous sunrises & sunsets this weekend. Especially Sunday evening. We were at my sister in laws house who lives on a lake. The sunset over the lake was stunning from beginning to end! I'm so glad I got to see it!

**listening to
Silence & the parakeet eating. She's anxiously awaiting her new friend tomorrow!

**clothing myself in
long sleeved t-shirt & my owl pajama pants.

**Reading these books with Ree
Pinkalicious & Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are her two favorites right now. We read them so many times during the day that she is able to sit and read them to me. Word for word.

**thinking & thinking
about rhythms & routines

**carefully cultivating rhythm
I am trying to get a set rhythm for our days down. This needs self discipline from Momma. But the little bit I've actually implemented over the past week has been helping tons. Not just in the house work but also Ree's attitudes. (And mine too!) I'm still pondering and planning.

**creating by hand
Easter sweaters for Momma & Ree. I had to rip out all of Ree's AGAIN last night. More on that tomorrow.

**encouraging learning
Reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom all the time is really helping Ree recognize her letters. We made a coconut tree yesterday so she could glue the letters on it. 

**keeping house
Right now just the "maintenance" stuff. But I've got lists going to start a spring cleaning. This is part of my new routines & rhythms. It's still in the beta stage. When I've got more concrete things down I'll write about it!

**crafting in the kitchen
I've been trying to cook healthier and more substantial meals lately. Last night was potato soup and ham. Delicious for a cold winter's night! While I haven't been writing down a weekly menu plan I've had one in my head for the past few weeks. Or at least deciding what to eat that night by 10AM. It's easier to know what's for supper before it's time to start cooking!

**loving the moments
When Ree comes over and asks to cuddle

**giving thanks
for the man who goes to work in the dark in the morning and comes home in the dark at night. 

**living the liturgy
With Lent beginning last week I've been trying to bring the season into our home a little bit. This week we'll read the story of creation. Maybe make a collage of when God created the sun & moon as she's loving the moon lately. Keeping it simple yet trying to incorporate more into our days.

**planning for the week ahead
A slow week. A few story times planned; picking up the new bird; a Valentine lunch with my aunt, sister, mom the kiddies. 


  1. I remember those cuddle days fondly! Enjoy :)

  2. I'm trying to establish some sort of routine as well. We have been eating more at hoe and I like your idea of deciding by 10am what to make. I often find myself wondering to make late in the day and just taking the easy way out. But I'm not good with menu planning.


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