Friday, February 8, 2013


Making snowmen! Marie-Therese's rice crispy marshmallow snowman!  Untitled

The Blizzard of 2013 is upon us! They are predicting we could get 2 FEET of snow here. Ree & I spent the day at my mom's yesterday. In preparation of the snow that was to come my mom had all the ingredients to make rice krispy snowmen. Ree had a blast! They came out very cute!

Today is my husband's birthday & we haven't let the snow get in the way of the festivities! This morning Ree & I baked a cake and put up some decorations. Thankfully his work closed early so he was home before the weather got really bad. There was a nice lunch, some gifts & now supper is cooking away. I heard there's some chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream if everyone eats all their meal!

Later on we'll be curling up under blankets with books & knitting (for me). Ree has been busy playing buttons & legos all afternoon. Both she & I have wicked colds so this storm is good for us to hunker down & relax. Not the most exciting of birthday's for my husband but he's assured me relaxing inside & some shoveling is just what he wanted!

I hope everyone in the path of "Nemo" (when did they start naming snow storms?) stays safe!


  1. I hope you are all safe with power! Happy birthday to your husband and let us know how you did during the storm.

  2. Those snowmen made me laugh. I love the way she decorated them. We are never ones to let a blizzard get in our way here either. But we haven't had one of those for ages. I may have forgotten how to act.


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