Monday, July 30, 2012


This weekend was full of Olympic watching and Olympic knitting! And a whole bunch of laundry & packing too (who knew it takes almost as much stuff to just go camping during the day as if staying all week? Thank goodness we're not sleeping there or else it wouldn't all fit in the car!)

That picture of my Team USA socks was taken at the end of the Opening Ceremony. I am now almost finished with the gusset. My hands are VERY Sore! I think once this sock is finished I'll work on something that uses thicker yarn (like the Miranda Hat!) and knit the second sock after a few days of rest for the hands. They aren't used to knitting sock weight yarn this quickly!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Garden

I'm linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share how our gardens are growing.

The first picture of the tomato is out of focus but I'm still proud! We have one tomato growing on each plant (I was just told by my husband that there are 2 on the beef steak plant). Lots of flowers are on all so I'm expecting more tomatoes soon! I thought we were having a problem with thrips but am not sure now. 

 Here's the whole bed of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. They all are going great (I think!) There are little buds on each of the pepper plants.

 Our loan little lettuce has been joined buy a bunch more (I took these pictures Wednesday night). The carrots are really going strong. 

 Our gladiolas are growing well too. I'm still hoping we'll be planting another bunch of these

We aren't growing these per-sey as it's a huge weed of thistle in the side yard. I think it's very pretty and the goldfinches are having a field day with it. I love sitting in the driveway doing sidewalk chalk with Ree and listening to the little yellow birds sing as they eat!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ravellenic Games

Tomorrow night is the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! We had a lot of fun watching the Olympic trials for swimming and gymnastics a few weeks ago. Ree had a blast pretending to "dive" and do jumps as we watched.  So we're pretty excited for tomorrow night!

Another reason I am excited is the opening ceremony also marks the beginning of the "Ravellenic Games" going on over at Ravelry. I'm not exactly sure which Olympic Games this began at & this is my first time participating. The idea is to cast on your knitting project during the Olympic Opening Ceremony and then cast off your project before the Closing Ceremony. Just as the Games are a challenge for the athletes participating the knitting should be a bit of a challenge as well.

While none of the things I've chosen (finally!) to knit are very challenging, I think the number of things I hope to accomplish in about 17 days is the challenge! I've finally narrowed down what I hope to do and while it may be far reaching to expect that I'll finish everything, I'm hoping for 3 out of 4.

 I came across this yarn at Joann's very big clearance sale about a month ago. I had already decided I wanted to knit a pair of socks for the Ravellenic Games and when I saw the red, white & blue sock yarn I was sold. These will be my Team USA socks. I'm planning on using the Basic Ribbed Pattern. I've knit it before and it's a simple pattern that will show off the variegated yarn well!

For my next project I plan to knit up the February Toddler Tunic for Ree. She's been telling me she wants a blue sweater.

I also plan on knitting two Miranda Hats to send along to Evelyn along with all the other's I've made. I haven't picked out yarn for those yet, but I'll just go stash diving and pick something from there!

This is a very ambitious list and I'm hoping to at least have 2 hats and a pair of socks finished by the end of the Olympics. Here's hoping that the very very hot weather doesn't come back so just the thought of knitting makes me uncomfortable!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Along

These are weeks 7 & 8 of the Granny Square Sampler Along. Only week 9 left and then I'm all caught up. Just in time to start my Ravellenics knitting! Once I finalize my plans for that anyways. Which I should probably do in the next day or two as the Olympics start Friday!

I picked up The Ghost at the Table the other day at the library. I know I got the suggestion for a yarn alonger--I think it was Amanda but can't remember now! (Nope not from Amanda, although I've gotten quite a few great titles from her this summer! But The Ghost at the Table recommendation was from Evelyn!) It's very good and riveting!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Right Now

Right now I'm....

Thinking....I should have explained Water Fire a little better! Here's a link. It's a BEAUTIFUL display of braziers on the river going through Providence that are lit on fire at sunset. There's music; food venders; living statues; shopping; tons of people. It happens at least once a month or so from May through October. A really fun night that early in the evening is a family event. Later in the night are for the romantics! Ree loved it. When she was a baby (and we lived 5 minutes from it) we went to every one. This year is the first one we've gotten to and I'm hoping for at least a few more!

Hoping....that I can cook some things in the oven early this week before the weather starts to warm up again.

Praying...for the people in Colorado. I can't imagine what they are going through.

Feeling...very sleepy still from a weekend of late nights, but lots of fun!

Planning....lists for our "camping" trip that's coming up! (spending days camping but nights at home!)

Wondering...if it'll continue to rain more today

Grateful....for family fun

Hearing...the sound of fans and the birds singing

Wishing....everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


A morning play date for Ree & one of her little friends on Saturday led to a very nice nap for her. So we headed to our State's Capital for Water Fire. We always get there early enough to walk around downtown; grab something to eat; & people watch.

Last night when was gorgeous weather wise. This was also the first time Ree sorta/kinda understood what we were there for. She kept asking when the "water was going on fire" and was mesmerized when it began.

Today we've laid low recovering from our late night last night!

Friday, July 20, 2012

This Moment

In Amanda's words:  A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.     

Except today there are a few pictures & some words. We went blueberry picking at the beginning of the week. Ree LOVED it. She picked only the blue ones and was very serious about her picking. It was so cute.

After that we haven't done much of anything this week. It's been way too hot to knit or crochet. Ree had a sleep over at her Nana's (who has central air conditioning & who also turned these blueberries into awesome muffins!). Other then that we've had a very boring week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


This weekend:

*I spent almost all day Saturday in bed with a migraine
*It started to get better in time for us to head to my parents for supper
*Then to the beach with my sisters, parents, niece & nephew
*After the fun at the beach it was back to my mom's for ice cream & baths
*Sunday was spent doing not much of anything after Church
*It's hot again
*Ree went down for a nap
*I watched Gilmore Girls and knit
*Went outside for a little bit to weed in the garden
*We have a ton of little carrots starting to pop up!
*It looks like it's going to storm. That'll be good everything needs rain!
*Now it's onto visiting the other side of the family this evening!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Cloud

The other day Ree and I went outside with a blanket and a stack of library books (that seems to be our favorite summer activity these days). One of the books, Little Cloud by Eric Carle, particularly struck her fancy. She wanted to look at the clouds in "her" sky except that there weren't any! It was a beautiful  clear blue day. 

 After her nap we were having a snack on the back deck when she happened to look up and saw that the clouds were back!  She ran to get the book so we could read it again then we sat and looked to see what shapes we could see in the clouds.

When there weren't any clouds in the sky we decided to go in the house and make our own clouds. I had the idea of painting with white pant on a blue piece of construction paper but we had no white paint. Instead I got out the glue and cotton balls. She used almost a whole bottle of glue and ALL the cotton balls but she had a blast! It took almost a full day for the paper to dry too!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm almost caught up with the assignments for the Granny Square Sampler Afghan

 Week 3 was a little difficult but after the first two I had it figured out

 Week 4

 Week 5 (the top & bottom)

Week 6

Some of the color combinations are a little....different. That would be because I've been letting a certain 2 year old pick a color from the bag when I'm ready for the next round.

As for reading I just finished "When God was a Rabbit" which I saw that Amanda was reading a few weeks ago. It was VERY good and I couldn't put it down. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

How our garden grows

My husband had a mini vacation over the 4th of July holiday. He spent most of it outside digging our gardens. In the high heat & humidity. I stayed in the house where it was slightly cooler and kept him hydrated.

He made the raised beds a few weeks ago and I started the seeds on March 19th. For the most part only our pepper seeds did REALLY WELL. We were able to transfer only 3 eggplant plants and all the lettuce died. 

 This was supposed to have dirt added in but that didn't happen this year. Next year though! Instead my husband dug the ground up; sifted all the dirt taking out tons of huge rocks; roofing nails; finding some marbles and dimes and other things. He then replaced all the sifted soil. We bought 3 tomato plants; transferred 6 of the healthiest looking pepper plants and all 3 eggplants.

 We have 2 raised beds and in the second one we planted 200 carrot seeds (WHOA!) and planted I believe 50 lettuce seeds. I lost count.

 Our tomato plants are very happy to be in the ground. This little fellow is already twice this size & this picture was taken 24 hours ago! We have three different kinds of tomatoes but at the moment I can only remember Big Boy and Beef Steak. 

3 weeks ago my husband dug up and sifted this area and then we planted 45 gladiola bulbs. So far 41 have popped up. This coming weekend we are hoping to dig up another area this same size and plant the remaining 45 bulbs.

We got a (very) late start on our vegetable garden this year. But this just means that we should hopefully be having lots of vegetables up until the first frost this fall! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012


We've pretty much had a 5 day weekend here as my husband has been off work since the 4th. He spent almost all that time outside and we now have our gardens planted. That's a post for itself coming this week though!

Ree has enjoyed having her daddy home. She loves to help outside. All those rocks up top came from the garden! We've also been having tremendous heat and both Ree & I get VERY cranky.

We took a trip to the zoo yesterday with one of her little friends. Then came home where Ree took a very nice nap! Thankfully today the heat isn't as bad nor is the humidity! She and her daddy are now taking naps. I'm puttering around the house doing a few chores that have been sorely neglected. I'm also brainstorming ideas for both a housekeeping notebook/journal and some activities for Ree and I to do in the coming weeks. I'm thinking reading books then doing some activities related to them. I need to find a system to write down my ideas though as I tend to forget them as soon as I get up from the computer.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July holiday was full of: food, fun, family, friends & fireworks!

 I made rice krispies treats thanks to the suggestion by my sister. Then found this rice krispies treat sparkler idea on Pintrest. Next year I'll do this! 

 Ree & I decorated our driveway for the holiday with a flag & fireworks side-walk chalk drawings. Then it rained for a little bit & started to wash our flag away! Thankfully the weather cleared so we could enjoy the outdoor activities!

We went to our city's fireworks display on the 3rd. Then yesterday we went to a friend's cookout & my hometown firework display.

Ree loved the fireworks on a few conditions: as long as she had glow bracelets to play with; a lap to sit in; and she could see them. She loved pointing out the colors. She doesn't like (AT ALL) the neighborhood fireworks that you can only hear & not see. Too much like thunder for her!

My husband took the rest of the week off so we're in vacation mode right now. Lazy, hazy summer days here we come!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Yarn Along

This week has been about the hats. I finished up my first Miranda Hat and cast on for the second. I haven't taken any pictures of the second one since the ribbing edge. I've finished the pattern repeat though and am onto the decreases!

I haven't worked on my granny squares for the granny square along since last week. I'm thinking once I finish the second Miranda hat I'll hold off on casting on another until I get caught up with the granny squares!

I'm almost finished reading Accidents of Providence. It's a slow moving book and I'm not too thrilled with it. Set in 1646 it's about a woman who conceives a child out of wedlock and the baby dies. She is put on trial for murder and won't defend herself (she didn't kill the baby). It's a pretty dark, slow moving book. Not a very good light summer read. I should just stick to Anne of Green Gables!

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July Holiday!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Joy Daring

Sharing a list of the on-going One Thousand Gifts:

cool breezes
evening knitting on the deck
little cousins loving each other like siblings
plants that are thriving
the hope for vegetables from our own garden
bunches of clover picked for me
walking through the grass barefoot
the smell of summer rain

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Weekending garden style.

While Ree & I were busy Saturday with a little friend's birthday party & then a playdate at the beach, Daddy stayed home and dug up one of the gardens. My little seeds are in desperate need of being put in the ground!

The first picture Ree is telling me "no pictures!" She wanted me to wait until it was finished!

Later in the week I'll do a "all planted" post!

The heat here is tremendous. But I am not complaining after hearing about the people down south without power due to those storms.

Right now there's a thunderstorm moving into the area. I'm hoping it will help take away some humidity. But of course it had to happen just when we decided to have an impromptu cook-out. I'm hoping it's out of here by the time I wanted to start the grill up!

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