Sunday, July 1, 2012


Weekending garden style.

While Ree & I were busy Saturday with a little friend's birthday party & then a playdate at the beach, Daddy stayed home and dug up one of the gardens. My little seeds are in desperate need of being put in the ground!

The first picture Ree is telling me "no pictures!" She wanted me to wait until it was finished!

Later in the week I'll do a "all planted" post!

The heat here is tremendous. But I am not complaining after hearing about the people down south without power due to those storms.

Right now there's a thunderstorm moving into the area. I'm hoping it will help take away some humidity. But of course it had to happen just when we decided to have an impromptu cook-out. I'm hoping it's out of here by the time I wanted to start the grill up!

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  1. love gardening with the help of the little people. thunderstorms sound great! we desperately need rain. fingers crossed you get some!

  2. I love seeing how different parts of the world garden. You are just getting your garden in the ground and mine is just about done for the season, getting ready to plant the fall garden. I hope the rain cools you down, like Amanda we need rain here, I just hope not in the form of a hurricane!

  3. Great garden! Your daughter is funny not wanting photos done :) Looking forward to the planted post!

  4. I love your raised beds! Did you buy soil to put in? Or are you just having the boxes around the beds for definition? I am still getting stuff in the ground as well. I need to pull my peas and I plan to plant more lettuce/carrots/beets. I would also like to find some more tomato seedlings to plant. Not sure if the green house will have any left. I bought tons of paste tomato seedlings, but forgot the slicing tomatoes :-) I have only a couple Brandywine plants, but would love several more varieties.

  5. I've always wanted to create some raised beds in my garden and I'm loving yours! Can't wait to see more photos in progress. Stay cool -- I'll try to do the same.

  6. Your raised beds are going to be wonderful! I can't wait to see everything as it grows.

    Some interesting storms yesterday, huh?


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