Sunday, July 8, 2012


We've pretty much had a 5 day weekend here as my husband has been off work since the 4th. He spent almost all that time outside and we now have our gardens planted. That's a post for itself coming this week though!

Ree has enjoyed having her daddy home. She loves to help outside. All those rocks up top came from the garden! We've also been having tremendous heat and both Ree & I get VERY cranky.

We took a trip to the zoo yesterday with one of her little friends. Then came home where Ree took a very nice nap! Thankfully today the heat isn't as bad nor is the humidity! She and her daddy are now taking naps. I'm puttering around the house doing a few chores that have been sorely neglected. I'm also brainstorming ideas for both a housekeeping notebook/journal and some activities for Ree and I to do in the coming weeks. I'm thinking reading books then doing some activities related to them. I need to find a system to write down my ideas though as I tend to forget them as soon as I get up from the computer.

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend!


  1. five day weekends are nice! i bet you can't wait to get your garden goodies :)

  2. How nice to have a long weekend. I can't wait to see what you have in your garden. This morning I picked the last of our tomatoes and now my garden [except the herbs] is done until September.

  3. Isn't it great to have hubby home for several days? I know the best part about having a husband who teaches is that he gets summer and other long holidays home! Hope you get some respite from the heat soon. It is something we deal with six months of the year here in Arizona (except we don't have the humidity). I love the matching french braids you and your daughter have in the last post! have a great week!

  4. How nice he had a super long weekend and that your garden is all set up. I love how you styled your daughter's hair-so adorable!! Have fun getting back into the swing of things.


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