Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Garden

I'm linking up with Ginny at Small Things to share how our gardens are growing.

The first picture of the tomato is out of focus but I'm still proud! We have one tomato growing on each plant (I was just told by my husband that there are 2 on the beef steak plant). Lots of flowers are on all so I'm expecting more tomatoes soon! I thought we were having a problem with thrips but am not sure now. 

 Here's the whole bed of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. They all are going great (I think!) There are little buds on each of the pepper plants.

 Our loan little lettuce has been joined buy a bunch more (I took these pictures Wednesday night). The carrots are really going strong. 

 Our gladiolas are growing well too. I'm still hoping we'll be planting another bunch of these

We aren't growing these per-sey as it's a huge weed of thistle in the side yard. I think it's very pretty and the goldfinches are having a field day with it. I love sitting in the driveway doing sidewalk chalk with Ree and listening to the little yellow birds sing as they eat!


  1. My tomato plants seem to be putting on few fruit also. I'm wondering if the heat is causing the problem. We ate our first tomato last night as a side with dinner. Loved it!
    Your garden looks lucky you are to live where blueberries grow :)

  2. Wow your garden is doing great. Mine, not so much this year. We are hoping it will do b etter once the weather cool down. Fall gardens can be more productive here in Arizona. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I wish we could bring the birds to our house, I love them..but we have too many hungry cats!

  4. Friends of ours also have a huge thistle in their backyard. They call it "Spike." They're letting it stay until the fall so they can watch it turn purple before they get rid of it. :) xo


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