Monday, July 9, 2012

How our garden grows

My husband had a mini vacation over the 4th of July holiday. He spent most of it outside digging our gardens. In the high heat & humidity. I stayed in the house where it was slightly cooler and kept him hydrated.

He made the raised beds a few weeks ago and I started the seeds on March 19th. For the most part only our pepper seeds did REALLY WELL. We were able to transfer only 3 eggplant plants and all the lettuce died. 

 This was supposed to have dirt added in but that didn't happen this year. Next year though! Instead my husband dug the ground up; sifted all the dirt taking out tons of huge rocks; roofing nails; finding some marbles and dimes and other things. He then replaced all the sifted soil. We bought 3 tomato plants; transferred 6 of the healthiest looking pepper plants and all 3 eggplants.

 We have 2 raised beds and in the second one we planted 200 carrot seeds (WHOA!) and planted I believe 50 lettuce seeds. I lost count.

 Our tomato plants are very happy to be in the ground. This little fellow is already twice this size & this picture was taken 24 hours ago! We have three different kinds of tomatoes but at the moment I can only remember Big Boy and Beef Steak. 

3 weeks ago my husband dug up and sifted this area and then we planted 45 gladiola bulbs. So far 41 have popped up. This coming weekend we are hoping to dig up another area this same size and plant the remaining 45 bulbs.

We got a (very) late start on our vegetable garden this year. But this just means that we should hopefully be having lots of vegetables up until the first frost this fall! 


  1. I love the raised beds and they should really help with weeding. Get ready to enjoy eating all your hard work!

  2. Great looking garden! We are thinking of putting raised beds in our garden for next year. That will be a project for this winter! We are still trying to figure out home gardening in this dry Arizona heat! Our plants look lush and healthy but we aren't getting much yield. Thanks for sharing the photos because it has given me some ideas for our own garden. Hope your week is going well.

  3. We started late last year and we still had something to pick. Our raised beds were created last year with bought top soil and I think it was nutrient deficient. This year my husband added some peat moss and it really made a difference! Looks fantastic and I can't wait until you show us all your food :)

  4. what a green thumb!!! Mine are totally overgrown----didn't leave enough room for the trailing melons and the vines are EVERYWHERE!! (no fruit, just vines!!!!!)

  5. I can't wait to see how it grows! It's OK that you were late. We have such a long growing season in the Fall here. I know we have stuff in the garden into November most years. Good luck!

  6. Looks awesome! That's a lot of carrots! What will you do with them all?

  7. yay! I love gardening. We got the seeds for carrots, but I never got around to finding or making a place for them to grow.

    you're ganna have to ship some of your havest my way! :)


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