Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July holiday was full of: food, fun, family, friends & fireworks!

 I made rice krispies treats thanks to the suggestion by my sister. Then found this rice krispies treat sparkler idea on Pintrest. Next year I'll do this! 

 Ree & I decorated our driveway for the holiday with a flag & fireworks side-walk chalk drawings. Then it rained for a little bit & started to wash our flag away! Thankfully the weather cleared so we could enjoy the outdoor activities!

We went to our city's fireworks display on the 3rd. Then yesterday we went to a friend's cookout & my hometown firework display.

Ree loved the fireworks on a few conditions: as long as she had glow bracelets to play with; a lap to sit in; and she could see them. She loved pointing out the colors. She doesn't like (AT ALL) the neighborhood fireworks that you can only hear & not see. Too much like thunder for her!

My husband took the rest of the week off so we're in vacation mode right now. Lazy, hazy summer days here we come!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I don't blame Ree for not liking the neighborhood fireworks. They are usually just a bunch of noise!

  2. Love the chalk art!! Have a fun vacation mode :)

  3. I still love rice krispie treats and now after seeing yours am going to have to pick up the supplies to make a batch!
    PS- you need to head south so I can let you try a fig, oh dear, you must!


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