Sunday, July 22, 2012


A morning play date for Ree & one of her little friends on Saturday led to a very nice nap for her. So we headed to our State's Capital for Water Fire. We always get there early enough to walk around downtown; grab something to eat; & people watch.

Last night when was gorgeous weather wise. This was also the first time Ree sorta/kinda understood what we were there for. She kept asking when the "water was going on fire" and was mesmerized when it began.

Today we've laid low recovering from our late night last night!


  1. That sounds so cool. You will have explain the significance of it (not being from your state, I don't know). It does look like a fun and interesting event. Enjoy the week again.

  2. have heard about this, but never seen it! looks awesome!

  3. People watching is one of our very favorite pasttimes, after a full meal of course ;)

    (yes, what is water fire?)

  4. I'm going to have to go along with the group and say I haven't heard of water fire either. Looks pretty neat in the photos.

  5. Wonderful! Sounds like a fun few days!

  6. wow! never heard of this but it looks like fun!


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