Sunday, April 14, 2013



Our weekend began with fish n chip Friday night at our favorite place to go in the summer. Sure it was raining & cold but we're SO READY for the warm weather we decided to go anyway. The place was busy. I guess everyone had the same idea!

As we were getting ready to leave we saw this beauty on the beach. Did I mention the restaurant was at a beach? He stood there and let me take his picture from about 3 feet away. Not the best of pictures but it was raining and after a minute he decided he didn't want his picture taken anymore!

Saturday was one word: lazy. I had no energy so it was a lot of laying on the couch dozing, lots of myself & to Ree. Ree watched WAY WAY too much tv. She went outside for a little bit to help Daddy with some yard work. After supper I decided we should do something so I put out things for a color mixing activity. She loved it. More on that in the next few days.

Today we had plans to visit a few nurseries but the husband donated blood this morning so he's napping. That's fine with me, I'm still sleepy & draggy. I think it's the weather. My body just wants warmth & to spend the day outside in the sun! 

How was your weekend?

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring 2013

Baby Cardinal Ocean Planting Finished seeds

At the beginning of the week it seemed like spring had finally found us in New England. The days were gorgeous & Ree and I spent all of them outside.

And our bird watching has really began again, just like last year. I was amazed at the ones that she remembered seeing last year. The little guy up top was sitting on a shrub the other morning singing for me. I thought he was a baby cardinal but once I saw him on the feeder I realized he's a House Finch.

Ree and I decided to go exploring somewhere we don't usually go on Monday. We have a state park about 10 minutes away from us so we went over there. We walked around, picked up some seashells, walked on the beach (where about half the sand from the beach ended up in someone's shoes and she declared she doesn't like sand) and then stopped to play at the playground.

We also finally got out seeds started. Ree had SO much fun shoveling the pile of dirt I gave her talking the whole time about how she couldn't wait until the flowers grew. Then those little pots were checked many, many, many times the rest of the day to see if anything was growing.

I needed to pick up some more pots the next day & she was still chattering about her flowers. We'd planted only vegetables so I had her pick out some flower seeds & she got her own set of pots and yesterday she sat down and planted her very own morning glories. We already have a spot in the yard picked out to transplant them to when they are ready.

Here's to many more days of warm weather to come! 

Monday, April 8, 2013


A very happy little girl! She can finally play outside! Spring! First violets!

This weekend was very full!

Friday evening was spent outside! Ree was beside herself to spend a few hours out playing. She is the one that spotted the first little violets of the season.

Each morning began quiet.
A cup of coffee while reading A Game of Thrones. I had thought maybe I'd watch the tv series after I finished the book. I don't think so. All that blood is better left for reading then watching!

Then the days got busy. Saturday was my sister's moving day. Back & forth to my house & her's with the 3 kids. We had lots of fun! It's nice that she's so close that going between houses multiple times a day is no big deal.

Sunday was our usual morning routine. I shoved a quick grocery shopping trip into a half hour between coming home from church & heading to a birthday cook-out at my sister in laws. Spending the afternoon with extended family was great. Everyone was in a good mood to be together & that spring was ALMOST here. We cooked out but ate in. If only it hadn't been windy the afternoon would have been gorgeous!

Now it's Monday morning. Back to normal. We don't have many plans for the week. The weather is forecast to be pretty nice. I'm hoping to get in some walks; time outside; read some poetry with Ree; do a little art. Slowly ease into a spring/summer routine. And update that header up there!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013





I'm playing catch up today. We didn't get many pictures over the Easter weekend! But that is Ree in her new Momma made dress & sweater! There isn't a picture of me in my new sweater. With a house full of 16 people and both ovens on, I DID NOT need it! But I wore it to Church & yesterday!

Our weekend was full of cleaning, setting up, egg hunts, cooking, family & lots of fun! It was so busy that I am STILL tired from it! On Monday Ree & I didn't do anything. And we've had Easter leftovers the past three nights. Tonight I'm making something new!

I haven't picked up any knitting needles since the weekend. Nor have I sewn. I have grand plans for spring & summer sewing so hopefully that will kick in next week!