Sunday, April 14, 2013



Our weekend began with fish n chip Friday night at our favorite place to go in the summer. Sure it was raining & cold but we're SO READY for the warm weather we decided to go anyway. The place was busy. I guess everyone had the same idea!

As we were getting ready to leave we saw this beauty on the beach. Did I mention the restaurant was at a beach? He stood there and let me take his picture from about 3 feet away. Not the best of pictures but it was raining and after a minute he decided he didn't want his picture taken anymore!

Saturday was one word: lazy. I had no energy so it was a lot of laying on the couch dozing, lots of myself & to Ree. Ree watched WAY WAY too much tv. She went outside for a little bit to help Daddy with some yard work. After supper I decided we should do something so I put out things for a color mixing activity. She loved it. More on that in the next few days.

Today we had plans to visit a few nurseries but the husband donated blood this morning so he's napping. That's fine with me, I'm still sleepy & draggy. I think it's the weather. My body just wants warmth & to spend the day outside in the sun! 

How was your weekend?

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  1. fish n chips - yum! and lazy - yes indeed! we all need one of those days, it's so good and restorative :)

  2. I have been craving fish n chips but not even a good place for it around here. A lazy, restful weekend sounds good. I would love one of those one day. At least I got a little nap today! Enjoy your week.

  3. I could be up for a beach visit!, lucky lucky you. We are going to be near 70 this week! I hope you get some of that nice warm weather :)

  4. Sounds awesome! I love fish n chips!

  5. Fish and chips = yummy in my tummy. There is a place on the edge of town that does a walleye fish gig on FR's. It is pricey but very tasty.


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