Monday, April 8, 2013


A very happy little girl! She can finally play outside! Spring! First violets!

This weekend was very full!

Friday evening was spent outside! Ree was beside herself to spend a few hours out playing. She is the one that spotted the first little violets of the season.

Each morning began quiet.
A cup of coffee while reading A Game of Thrones. I had thought maybe I'd watch the tv series after I finished the book. I don't think so. All that blood is better left for reading then watching!

Then the days got busy. Saturday was my sister's moving day. Back & forth to my house & her's with the 3 kids. We had lots of fun! It's nice that she's so close that going between houses multiple times a day is no big deal.

Sunday was our usual morning routine. I shoved a quick grocery shopping trip into a half hour between coming home from church & heading to a birthday cook-out at my sister in laws. Spending the afternoon with extended family was great. Everyone was in a good mood to be together & that spring was ALMOST here. We cooked out but ate in. If only it hadn't been windy the afternoon would have been gorgeous!

Now it's Monday morning. Back to normal. We don't have many plans for the week. The weather is forecast to be pretty nice. I'm hoping to get in some walks; time outside; read some poetry with Ree; do a little art. Slowly ease into a spring/summer routine. And update that header up there!

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  1. How nice to have your sister so close, I wish mine were.

    Did you like reading the Game of Thrones? I have wondered about reading it myself.

    Enjoy all the beautiful spring weather!

  2. I've not read the books but I can tell you the series does not disappoint!

    1. you should at least give it a try! :)

  3. Let's hear it for this nice weather! It's about darn time. And I love Ree's sweater. It came out great! Can't wait to see yours next. I'm terrible about taking pics of my FO's on me.

  4. You are so lucky to live near family, I envy you! Glad that the moving for your sis is going smoothly and I do hope you get some walks in this week. The weather has turned warm, hasn't it??

  5. We played outside for a day or two plus some skiing. Now it's back down to cold and snow. Lucky Ree!


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