Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring 2013

Baby Cardinal Ocean Planting Finished seeds

At the beginning of the week it seemed like spring had finally found us in New England. The days were gorgeous & Ree and I spent all of them outside.

And our bird watching has really began again, just like last year. I was amazed at the ones that she remembered seeing last year. The little guy up top was sitting on a shrub the other morning singing for me. I thought he was a baby cardinal but once I saw him on the feeder I realized he's a House Finch.

Ree and I decided to go exploring somewhere we don't usually go on Monday. We have a state park about 10 minutes away from us so we went over there. We walked around, picked up some seashells, walked on the beach (where about half the sand from the beach ended up in someone's shoes and she declared she doesn't like sand) and then stopped to play at the playground.

We also finally got out seeds started. Ree had SO much fun shoveling the pile of dirt I gave her talking the whole time about how she couldn't wait until the flowers grew. Then those little pots were checked many, many, many times the rest of the day to see if anything was growing.

I needed to pick up some more pots the next day & she was still chattering about her flowers. We'd planted only vegetables so I had her pick out some flower seeds & she got her own set of pots and yesterday she sat down and planted her very own morning glories. We already have a spot in the yard picked out to transplant them to when they are ready.

Here's to many more days of warm weather to come! 


  1. And now it is so so cold and windy this morning, the rest of the week seems like a dream! We spent a couple of hours at Trustom Pond earlier this week--it was lovely.

    Have you read any of the Moffat books? G really took to Rufus M. at about age 3. She carried it around with her everywhere. Rufus is the youngest Moffat and your description of Ree with the flowers reminded me of when the Moffat kids plant their Victory Garden, and I believe it's Rufus who stares and stares waiting for things to grow.

  2. lovely to see signs of spring after all that snow. She looks content digging in dirt. Have fun enjoying the warm weather even though it took a cold turn.

  3. Spring? What's that? Oh. It's the season that comes while I am at work. Winter returns when I am on days off. I'm not bitter. Yet.

  4. I still get excited when the seeds start to grow. I'm even more excited that we are finally seeing some warm weather!


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