Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird watching

 Ree and I have a new hobby. Watching the birds that come to the bird feeders. Her memory is amazing. We checked a bird book out of the library a few weeks ago. She can "read" it back to us telling us what each bird is. Then when she goes to the feeder she yells out the names of the ones out there.

Except that she isn't always quiet when she approaches the windows. She can't understand why the birds fly away when she runs up yelling "Hi birds!" and slaps the window. The other day I found her reading a book to them. And last night she was trying to give them a stuffed animal. Some kids have imaginary friends. Mine has bird friends!

 I tried getting some pictures through the window...I think they came out pretty well considering.

So far we have seen gold finches; house finches; tufted titmice; sparrows; chickadees; and I've seen a hummingbird twice! On the ground we have a pair of mourning doves that aren't afraid of us anymore.

The other day we watched a baby robin fledge it's nest for about 45 minutes. So sweet! We also have grackles around that like to come to the feeder & scare the little birds. 

Thanks to the internet I've also been looking up the sounds the various birds make so we are learning what their calls sound like too.

My husband went out to do some errands the other day and came home with a bird poster. We hung it Ree height next to the window so that's a new source of amusement too!


  1. How neat that you are teaching your daughter to love and respect nature by watching birds. I remember having a hummingbird feeder hanging from our patio and watching the hummingbirds with my little ones. Now I see my daughter doing the same with my grandchildren. Very nice!

  2. I love learning about birds. When we first moved here we saw a gold finch and thought somebody's parakeet had escaped. We don't have those in Long Island! You got some great pictures through the window. I'm glad Ree is enjoying it!

  3. We are big 'birders' here and I think we get just as excited as the little one here when we see birds at the feeders. My favorite is the indigo bunting which I saw this morning.

  4. I wish I could feed birds but we have bears (oh my!) and I really really do not like them in my yard. You are lucky!


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