Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm almost caught up with the assignments for the Granny Square Sampler Afghan

 Week 3 was a little difficult but after the first two I had it figured out

 Week 4

 Week 5 (the top & bottom)

Week 6

Some of the color combinations are a little....different. That would be because I've been letting a certain 2 year old pick a color from the bag when I'm ready for the next round.

As for reading I just finished "When God was a Rabbit" which I saw that Amanda was reading a few weeks ago. It was VERY good and I couldn't put it down. 


  1. I have that book on my to read shelf! Glad to know it's a good one :) I love the colors of the squares and aren't you a nice mom to let your daughter participate!!

  2. Love the sampler! What a treasure that will be for you.

  3. I think your squares look great and it's nice to have a mother/daughter project...this could be the start of a long career!

  4. Look at you go on those granny squares! I love crocheting those things. My favorite childhood blanket was a huge granny square. I used it till it fell apart.

  5. I love the randomness of it all!

  6. I agree with flyingjen, I love the randomness. I think random is the best part of a granny afghan!

  7. Kids are wonderful colour pickers they have no presumptions about what should go together. I love it :) Your squares look beautiful and eclectic!

  8. I love all the colors! That's what's so much fun about granny squares :)


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