Monday, February 25, 2013


Another grey morning

I find myself:

**Noticing God's glory
Even though it's another grey morning, the grey of the sky & the white of the snow that fell in the night is very pretty.

**listening to
The birds outside. Something about their song is saying "Spring isn't too far away!"

**clothing myself in
Still in pajamas and a sweater

**Reading these books with Ree
So many right now! We need to get to the library to pick out a new stack!

**thinking & thinking
About these posts that Amanda wrote last week on time. Part one, Part Two & Part Three. She got me really thinking about how I spend my time and how it can be more streamlined so my day flows better. I've been making lots of lists and small changes here & there in our routine. What I have done has helped tremendously!

**carefully cultivating rhythm
Goes along with what I'm thinking about. A big change I've made in the rhythm of my days is getting up earlier. I am lucky in that Ree LOVES sleep. Even more then a teenager some days. She gets up anywhere between 8 & 9 (or a little later) almost every day. Instead of myself staying in bed until just before she gets up I've set my alarm for 6:50 to be up with my coffee by 7. I sit & pray while I drink it, then come to the computer. Some mornings I also get my exercise in although more often then not that waits until afternoon rest time.

**creating by hand
Still working on Ree's Easter sweater!

**encouraging learning
 We're counting this week. Over the weekend I found a deck of cards & Ree's Daddy started to teach her solitaire. He's working on her recognizing the letters & symbols on the cards first, before getting into how to play the game. (Which will be awhile before she gets the hang of it!)

**keeping house
This ties in with my "thinking & thinking" and cultivating rhythm. Elizabeth has some great posts about keeping house that I have been reading through. I'm trying to set up a housekeeping schedule (very, very loose one). I'm also making lists: I'm planning on a spring cleaning in March.

**crafting in the kitchen
Last week Jen from Random Thoughts in my Head sent me the link to the blog, 100 Days of Real Food. I have spent quite some time going over all the posts over there. I've gotten some great ideas and really would like to take the 10 day pledge of eating only real foods. That's still being pondered. But I have been making (more) lists & planning. They have some great ideas on snack which is what I've been needing!

**loving the moments
When I get to go to the grocery store alone! I certainly missed my little helper but it was nice to go up & down the aisles with only the thoughts in my own head rather then having a little chatter box with me!

**giving thanks
 for little girls who love to do all things with fairy wings on. Brings whimsey to the little moments!

**living the liturgy
Planning St. Patrick's Day activities. I know it's early. But my husband is 1/4 Irish & to him that means he might as well be fully Irish. And Ree has jumped on the bandwagon of we need to celebrate "Shamrock Day" longer then just on one day in March. So I'm planning out some stuff to do as soon as the calendar hits March 1st.

I'm also doing a little reading from my books Pope Benedict wrote. I'll be watching quite a bit of that this week as he prepares to step down from the Papacy this Thursday.

**planning for the week ahead
A slow week planned. I want to work on our rhythms & do some cleaning. There will be a bit of visiting with family. I want to bring Ree to the Children's Museum this week too, now that school vacation is over & I'll be able to find a parking spot!


  1. Love seeing what you're thinking about. I get up around 5 a.m. and that's my journalling time, praying time, and organizing my day time. It sets the day off on the right foot!!

  2. Yes! The grocery store alone with a coffee in hand...heaven :)


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