Friday, January 31, 2014

For the love of Home 5::52

I love the morning light in our house #hibernate2014 IMG_1117

Today's list comes from Heather's Hibernate course. Last week focused on Home & one of the activities was to sit and make a gratitude lists of things you love about your home. This was easy since I really do love our house!

*the way the light shines in the living room in the morning
*the shadows that that light creates (as anyone who follows me on instagram can attest to!)
*the historical cemetery next door
*seeing the house as I drive up--it's so pretty & just says "home" to me
*all the cupboard space in the kitchen
*all the closet space throughout
*the backsplash in the kitchen. The previous owners redid the whole kitchen & all the backsplash tiles come straight from Italy
*the built in bookshelves in the living room
*the yard that is big enough to play in & have gardens
*that it is warm & well built & we need to do nothing to it. Just enjoy it
*and the number one thing is that it houses my loved ones in comfort & peace. This is my girl's place of haven and I hope to always keep it that way


  1. I love seeing my house as I drive up :) love seeing your beautiful home through your words. Have a great weekend Jen!!

  2. I love the back splash...and built-in book shelves - I would love to have some. So glad you see your home as a haven for you and your children. It truly is.


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