Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Habit

New Habit...with a new baby I am seeing more sunrises with my morning coffee. I've also added in journaling & a little reading before the rest of the house wakes up. It's quickly becoming my favorite part of the day! #writealm #hellomorningcoffee #startin

For the past month or so this has been my view each morning. There is a joke in my family that I am not a morning person. I come alive just as everyone else is heading to bed. And my coming alive I don't mean going out to parties. I mean making a cup of tea & doing some of my best creating at that time of night!

But with a new baby I am seeing the sunrise more then ever. Even since Ree was a baby. She sleeps late in the morning. This new little one likes to be up partying anytime after 4 and she isn't too keen to head back to bed!

So I am slowly forming a new that I dare say I am beginning to really love and look forward to! After feeding V we sit in the chair that faces the sun & watch as it comes up to greet the new day. As it comes over the horizon bathing everything in gold, she slowly drifts off for a little nap. I've been placing her in her bouncy at my feet, grabbing my coffee and relaxing into my chair for some journaling & reading before Ree wakes up and or V decides it's time to eat again.

There is something extremely peaceful about beginning the day with coffee & my journal. Thanks to the daily prompts I am beginning a new writing habit. I've never been one to write too much from my head. I've always written down quotes that strike me, or lists, or taken notes as I read. But to just sit and journal thoughts hasn't ever really been a practice I've done. But I'm enjoying this!

I've also gotten back into the practice of writing as I read, taking copious notes (when I'm not reading with a sweet baby in my arms). As I write I sometimes wonder what I'll ever do with all these notes I take but I enjoy it so for now that's enough.

This was meant to be the weekending post but it turned into a little bit of a stream of consciousness! There hasn't been much new going on here this weekend then all the weekends of 2013. Family time, knitting time, cleaning time. All the old habits that are so comforting and make our life the way it is. None of it that I would change!


  1. there is something about being up early, isn't there? glad you're able to have the time for you!

  2. I was never a morning person either and then I had babies. Old habits die hard and I still rise before the sun when now I could sleep in.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. What a beautiful post and photo! I'm so glad you've found a pleasureful rhythm to your mornings! I enjoy reading your thoughts here. <3

  4. I've always been a morning person but not a writer in the early hours. Now I am and I must say it makes my whole day brighter nicer and oh so sweeter. Love the view of your little world!

  5. What a lovely view. In general I am a night owl. My problem lately is that my eyes get tired and I can't focus after a certain hour. While I'm awake I can't be as productive as I would like. With that in mind I would rather be up early. It just takes me a while to get in the groove! Enjoy your routine. It sounds like it is a great way to get your day started.

  6. Coming from another night owl, I would love to get to where you are with your morning practice! I've never been able to focus first thing in the morning. Though my kids wake up early, the years where I had to get up with them were not my best moments... now they get themselves breakfast while I slowly wake up. But. I will say that I'm starting to feel like I've wasted my morning on lounging when I could be using it to write or read. Darn age, I think that's it. I'm realizing there are more things I want to do and make time for. Maybe? I don't know :) Sorry for the ramble in your comments!!

  7. I am a definite night owl but always wish I could be an early bird and enjoy the start of each new day rather than blundering through half asleep and running late. Your way of beginning each morning sounds blissful


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