Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yarn Along

IMG_2406 IMG_2407

These are the finished baby socks I mentioned last week! They fit her great. A little long in the foot but that's good...she'll be able to wear them longer. These also are the only ones that actually stay on her feet. I should make a few more!

The only other knitting this week has been a row here or there on the adult socks. I'm also almost finished knitting a bowl to felt. Hopefully that'll be finished in the next day or two. None of the projects I'm working on are difficult, I'm just trying to figure out how to knit & hold a baby at the same time! Or knit & read. Or knit & write. Lots of good things that want to occupy my mind & hands lately!

What are you knitting or creating these days?


  1. I love her!!! Thanks for the photo of the wee socks and the beautiful model. We should make a buddy pack that we will finish the socks this week! Deal??

  2. Beautiful socks and baby! Growing room is always perfect.

  3. They are perfect! I read somewhere that knitting socks for babies without heels seems to work well too. They cant' grow out of them for a while and I guess they stay on? I'll have to let you know. I just knit a few pairs for my nephew.

  4. Nothing cuter than little bitty socks on sweet little baby feet.

  5. How sweet! I'm glad to see a glimpse of your precious baby! Nice socks too!
    What's the pattern?
    Lee (mamagiff on ravelry)


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