Monday, February 3, 2014


IMG_2432 Changed the Sunday routine up a bit this week. That means there is time for a second cup of coffee, some reading AND knitting.

The weekend started out with a Friday night art session
Saturday was a slow start
Then a Rudolph 4th birthday party for my niece
A quick run to the grocery store that wasn't quick. The Saturday afternoon before the Superbowl isn't the best time to go. Especially if you are on a tight time limit. And also not a good time to forget your list on the kitchen table
Saturday evening Mass so that
Sunday morning can be relaxed
Some knitting was done
And some reading
And more coffee then usual
A quick stop at the yarn store
Then visiting family
There was a football game on but with four little one's there wasn't much football watching

This morning there is snow. That seems to be thinking about staying around until Wednesday. A good day today to make up some soup. And decide if the yeast in my refrigerator is good to give a try at homemade bread!

Weekending with Amanda


  1. I always try to avoid shopping on the weekends just because of the crowd, but this Saturday found me wandering the isles with all the other 'million's' of shoppers, shudder!
    Snow? And here we are having a heat wave. :)

    1. I try to do my shopping either early Saturday morning or late Friday evening...that way I can leave the little one's home! My schedule was messed up this weekend & wow the crowds!! We're getting more snow tomorrow & this weekend. Come up for a visit! :-)

  2. I try to shop Monday thru Friday in the mornings with old people...I guess that might make me one :) I hate when I forget my list or coupons or both!!! Love the stone wall you get to view every single day--lucky!

  3. I avoided the grocery store until just before the game and it wasn't too bad. That's OK that you didn't see too much of the game - there wasn't anything interesting to watch...

  4. Oh - and what did you get at the yarn store??????

    1. NOTHING :-( I want to make a honey cowl but couldn't find yarn I liked. I found some here at home that maybe I'll get brave and try to dye.

  5. I love the painted hearts, did little Ree make those?

    1. We made them together! They are now on our "Valentine Tree" that is disguising the Christmas tree ;-)

  6. rudolph as in the reindeer? and why did i never think to have a similarly themed party? i loved rudolph as a kid :)


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