Friday, February 21, 2014

Balm for the soul

IMG_1327 IMG_1329
Same shot, taken a few hours apart

As evening approached yesterday I was caught by the light in the dining room. The candle was still burning from the tea party earlier in the afternoon. The art projects were still strewn across the table. 

After supper Ree asked if she could go snuggle in her bed with her dolls and books and "Please Momma, please maybe the iPad? Just to show my dolls the Sid show? And maybe Daniel Tiger? Please I'll be good." So up she went. Daddy & baby fell asleep in the living room. After dishes I was standing in the quiet kitchen with the lights down low struck again by the light in my house.

I took out the exercises from the Write Now course and sat at the dining room table with the candle (and more light then is shown in the pictures) and wrote for awhile.

As I wrote I kept stopping to listen. To the sleeping breathing of my loves in the living room. To the sounds of Ree talking to her dolls in her room. And let the peace of the moment wash over me. 

It only got better as the night wore on. I ended up bringing my book up to Ree's room to snuggle, to read, to say our prayers. As I was getting ready to tuck her in she asked if I'd like to listen to her hopes & dreams? How can a Momma refuse that? Even if it is way past a little girl's bed time?

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend!

Weaving words with the WriteALM prompts this month


  1. You just could not say no to that. I pray that all her hopes and dreams come true.

  2. Lovely. I wrote on this prompt before getting out of bed this morning. :-)

  3. Beautiful words, photos, moments. <3


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