Monday, February 17, 2014


Watching Iron Man 3 while working on a dish cloth from #hibernate2014 Quiet Sunday #hellomorningcoffee

One word describes this weekend: slow

Other then my niece's birthday party & church we didn't leave the house. It was nice!

The birthday party was moved to Saturday early afternoon due to the snow storm we were predicted to get. It was a beautiful afternoon of visiting & watching the snow fall from my sister's window. I like seeing the different views. Thankfully we only had an 8 minute drive home that only turned into 15 minutes.

We hunkered down at home until my people realized it was 6:30 and they were hungry. I am sure I fed them something but I can't remember what that was!

Sunday we woke up to brilliant sun sparkling on the newly fallen snow. My sympathy to anyone who had to shovel it though. My husband said it was very heavy. We made it out to church then home to spend the afternoon playing legos; reading; & napping. I am trying to figure out the 198 yards of Heaven shawl and frogged it so many times yesterday!

As it got dark I again realized my people were going to want to eat supper AGAIN. Before I could say anything the husband offered to go pick something up. My hero! Supper in front of the Olympics is a perfect way to end a slow weekend!

Joining Amanda!


  1. Ours was slow due to the weather. A dinner out became a dinner in. More snow is heading our way!!

  2. i LOVE it when my husband reads my mind (or maybe it's my body signals of utter dejection at the thought of cooking yet another meal) and suggests takeout. my hero!

  3. Slow sounds wonderful. I wish I could have spent a weekend watching snow fall, how beautiful that must have been.

  4. Slow weekends are the best kind. Especially when it is cold and snowy. Hurray for husbands who help out by picking something up for dinner! Enjoy the week ahead!

  5. Slow and easy = the perfect kind of weekend. Sounds like you enjoyed it.

  6. What a nice weekend. Darn those family members that actually want to eat! Glad you enjoyed it!


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