Monday, February 10, 2014



This weekend began with a very busy Friday. By bedtime I was worn out & a bit upset that I'd been a slave of the to-do list & hadn't met the needs of my girls. The physical needs yes, but Ree had wanted my attention for art & books and I'd said no way more then yes. And V wanted to be held way more then I had held her. 

After some gentle, encouraging words on twitter & facebook from other mom's I decided to do
Saturday different.

It was my husbands birthday & we were having a party last night. We took a slow morning, moving deliberately & intentionally through the tasks on the list. I was calmer. Ree was happy because I included her in those tasks. V was happy because I put her in the sling & she came along too.

I thought I'd be able to rush through the list when my husband got home from work but V wouldn't settle. So I threw out the to do list & sat and held her for an hour as she settled and napped on me. Instead of worrying about the things that weren't getting done I relaxed into the moment and snuggled my baby while watching Ree and her daddy play with his new presents....a whole bunch of new Legos!

And something crazy happened! When I did get up just before guests arrived I was calm and relaxed & so were the rest of my loves so things were finished and we all had a good evening!

Sunday was also relaxed. After church Ree and I went for a "momma and Ree alone time coffee date." And in the afternoon I curled up in the chair with my knitting & book and relaxed the afternoon away!

We are all refreshed now and ready for a slow Monday!

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  1. I think as a mom you always have that conflict going on - getting things done or spending time with the kids. Even now I find myself saying "am I going to sit and knit or sit with Nicole because she wants some snuggle time with mom". And yes, even at 18 she still wants to snuggle! There will always be chores on the list. Good for you that you are enjoying those babies! Somehow the important things will get done. Have a peaceful day <3

  2. Jen, you remind me so much of myself at your age. Please take if from someone who has been there, done that, your list will always be there, just enjoy those beautiful girls of yours every minute you can, you will never regret it, I promise.
    Miss V just melts my heart!

  3. love that photo of you and your wee babe! that is motherhood at it's best :)

  4. Sounds like you made the right choices to me! She is so sweet!

  5. sounds like you were the master of your list and weekend. Love how you turned it around. I bet the celebrations were just fine!! date with ree is a great idea :)


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