Thursday, February 20, 2014

Out my window

moonset out my window out my window Out my window

Yesterday's WriteALM prompt was "out my window." 

As you have probably guessed, out my window is a favorite thing for me to photograph! As I was happily going from window to window yesterday (and this morning!) taking pictures of the beauty I found, I wondered if maybe you were tired of seeing pretty much the same pictures? And why do I feel the need each & every day to photograph what I see?

So I stood & pondered as I watched the sun go up (earlier & earlier each day!)

It is because each day is different. Even though I stand in the same spots each day, the beauty outside is different. Even if I stood at the same time each day, the light is different. The shadows are different. I notice something different about it. 

It always seems to be the morning when I stop & notice. I would like to train myself to take little moments throughout my day to glance out these same windows and see how the beauty out my window changes as the hours go by.


  1. I love out your window and you still have snow! Awesome.

    My favorite spot to photograph is right out my back door, I love to see the changes in the pecan tree and the sky.

  2. It's true - the view really does change throughout the day. Lots of birds, the angle of the sun. And more of the sunlight is a beautiful thing these days!

  3. I agree! I love how the sun angles change through the day. You have such pretty views!!


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